(call) Predictive Art Bot


Predictive Art Bot writes:

PREDICTIVE ART BOT đź”® is presently offering production aids in order
to accelerate the physical dissemination of its deviant imaginary.
This process will lead to a series of exhibitions across different
countries, that becomes a hybrid laboratory for human/non-human

More info about each of their open calls at:


(also, check out the Predictive Art Bot project itself, quite nice :).

(fellowship) Processing Foundation Fellowships 2017 (2016-12-19)

The Processing Foundation writes:

The Processing Foundation Fellowship Program supports the development and expansion of Processing, its affiliated projects, and their communities. Work done by fellows is supported through funding and mentorship from The Processing Foundation.

Open Call for 2017 Fellowships

Apply Now! Application Deadline: December 19, 2016, 11:59PM PST

The Processing Foundation is currently accepting applications for the
2017 Fellowship Program.

Processing Foundation Fellowships support artists, coders, and
collectives in visionary projects that conceive a new direction for
what Processing as a software and a community can do. Fellowships are
an integral part of the Processing Foundation’s work toward developing
tools of empowerment and access at the convergence of art and
technology. We encourage proposals that involve investigations into
what a fellow may not already know how to do. This can be initiated at
any level of expertise, and we are open to applicants from all
backgrounds and skill levels. We place more emphasis on proposals that
demonstrate enthusiasm, innovation, and the evolution of a fellow’s
practice rather than their pre-existing technical skills.

Projects can range from software development of the existing
Processing projects (Processing, p5.js, Processing.py), to creative
and exploratory research for new iterations, to community outreach
initiatives that address barriers to access and diversity. Our past
fellowships are good examples of work we believe is important, and of
how those projects have evolved into self-sustaining projects in their
own right. Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with
the list of fellowship ideas and previously supported work (below),
and to envision how their projects might continue beyond the
Foundation’s support. (For more details on the origins and aims of the
Fellowship program, check out this interview.)

Fellows will be selected by the Processing Foundation’s Board of
Directors. The Board will work with selected fellows to find
appropriate mentorship for the project. Fellows are awarded a stipend
of $3000 USD, at $30/hour for a total of 100 hours. As a culmination
of the fellowship, a public presentation will take place in the fall
of 2017 at a partnering organization. See Fellowship Guidelines for
more details.

Application period is open November 17 – December 19, 2016. Selected
fellows will be notified by January 15, 2017. Late applications will
not be accepted.


(festival) Transmediale 2017: ever elusive (2017-02-03 to 2017-02-05)


Transmediale writes:

Under the title ever elusive transmediale celebrates its 30 year anniversary with an entire month of activities from 2 February to 5 March 2017. The approach taken to the anniversary is contemporary rather than retrospective: ever elusive – thirty years of transmediale aims to use the critical and artistic knowledge gained at the festival over the years to reframe the question of the role of media today. In a world where technology increasingly operates independently of humans, where does the power to act and mediate lie?

More info and early-bird tickets at: https://transmediale.de/

PS: This year the festival will not coincide with our HfK-Hochschuletage. ; )

(call) Vilém Flusser Residency 2017 (2016-11-30)


Vilém Flusser Archive and Transmediale writes:

Vilém Flusser Residency Program for Artistic Research With the two-month residency program, we would like to support projects and works in different stages of development, from the first conceptual steps up to significant advancements of already existing projects and works. A comprehensible research interest is of importance for the jury’s decision; the relation between the work and issues and questions addressed in its research with the context of our society as a whole; first ideas regarding the approach during the period of the residency (strategy, workshops, presentations, etc.); and the connection to the focus of the Vilém Flusser Residency Program for Artistic Research.

Deadline: 30.11.2016 More info at: https://transmediale.de/content/call-for-entries-vil-m-flusser-residency-2017