(call) FILE: Electronic Language International Festival ( 2016-11-15 )

FILE Festival writes:

Registrations are opened to the 18th edition of FILE – Electronic
Language International Festival, from August 15 to November 15, 2016.
The FILE 2017 exhibition will happen in July, at the SESI’s Art
Gallery in Centro Cultural Fiesp – Ruth Cardoso.

Since 2000 FILE is a non-profit cultural organization that has been
promoting exhibitions, workshops and gatherings that seek to
investigate the appropriations of the technologic media in artistic
accomplishments. With annual exhibitions in São Paulo, editions in Rio
de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, in addition to participations in
international events, FILE is the biggest electronic art event in
Latin America.

For 2017, artists and researchers can submit their works in the three
main categories: Interactive Art, Digital Language and Electronic
Sonority. The novelty of this year’s edition is that FILE will
distribute 06 symbolic awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd places; and 3 honorable
mentions) in the following categories: animation, video art, GIF and
games; for artworks to be presented in single-channel.

Registrations are also opened for FILE Led Show, a public art show in
the large Led panel located on the Fiesp building’s façade, at
Paulista Avenue, 1313. FILE Led Show gets interactive and
non-interactive proposals to be presented at the Digital Art Gallery

Moreover, FILE receives workshops applications in FILE Workshop, which
aims to spread the technological tools as a means to artistic


(call) push.conference / WOMEN’S CALL ( 2016-08-24 )

push.conference writes:

Present at #push2016 and help us build a balanced lineup featuring
dedicated female and male speakers alike!

Speaking at push.conference is a great way to present you and your
work to more than 600 professionals of the interactive design scene.
Pick between a full talk or a lightning talk. The format of our
lightning talks – 10 minutes sharp – is perfect for a specific,
defined project or topic. If you’re not a seasoned speaker, it also
gives you the chance to get speaking experience! You see: no excuses

You can submit your proposal until August 24th.


(call for applications) Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design ( 2016-08-25 )

we thought this might interest our ( soon to be ) alumni:

Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design Call for applications: doctoral programme in Art, Technology and Design Application deadline: August 25, 2016; at 4pm CEST

Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design LM Ericssons väg 14 Stockholm Sweden

T + 46 8 450 41 00

http://www.konstfack.se Form of employment Fixed-term
appointment in accordance with the provisions for employment as a doctoral student in the Higher Education Ordinance (~4 years for full-time studies). The doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design (KTD) is a collaboration between KTH and Konstfack. The programme has its basis in the major contemporary challenges faced by society—for example climate change, urbanisation processes, migration, increasing social and economic inequality and the dwindling supply of non-renewable resources. These challenges require new approaches and a holistic, process-oriented way of thinking. The overall objective is to unite research and education with a radical rethinking of the individual-society-environment relationship and the transition required for sustainable social development. Artistic exploration and experimentation is seen here as a central component of this development.

We are particularly looking for those with a background in socially conscious design, craft or art, who are willing to connect the practices of making with advanced theoretical and methodological perspectives. Konstfack’s generously equipped workshops provide unique opportunities to develop knowledge through action and materials. The studies are based on the programme’s courses and seminars, as well as on the student’s individual research project. We are looking for well-qualified and strongly motivated doctoral students who want to contribute to the development of new knowledge. This is where we can shape dynamic encounters between artistic and scientific approaches and between three different perspectives: art, technology and design.


Doctoral studies within the doctoral programme KTD are fundamentally interdisciplinary thanks to their focus on encounters between perspectives and tangible materialisation. As a doctoral student you formulate your own research project that you will conduct in parallel with your studies (courses, seminars and workshops). The research project is supported by the resources of both KTH and Konstfack and will be based on a critical analytical approach that can be applied, in terms of research, to material, artistic and performative experiments, as well as in discursive investigations.

The programme offers plentiful opportunity for collaboration with researchers and doctoral students within closely related fields and environments. For collaborations with external partners within, for example, the cultural sector, enterprise sector or public sector, Konstfack and KTH’s shared centre of excellence is available as a resource. Parts of the doctoral programme can be conducted in institutions and research centres abroad in order to deepen the innovative, critical and global perspectives of your work.

A limited part of working hours, max. 20 percent, may consist of departmental service in the form of teaching, for example. Only those that have been admitted to doctoral studies can be offered employment.

Konstfack is Sweden’s largest academy of art. Each year about 1,000 students participate in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, teacher training, and professional courses in art, design, and the applied arts. Research is organised around five themes: design-driven and creative knowledge production, material cultures, narrative processes, sensorium—spatial perceptions, and visual cultures and learning. The exhibition spaces, specialised workshops and extensive library collections on art, craft and design at Konstfack constitute a resource that is unique in Sweden.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. No less than one third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level is provided by KTH. Education and research spans from natural sciences to all branches of engineering and includes Architecture, Industrial Management and Urban Planning. There are a total of 13,400 first- and second-level students and almost 1,900 doctoral students. KTH has 4,900 employees.

Atelierausschreibung im Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof

stefan jeep schreibt:


Das Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof freut sich, drei Ateliers für bildende
Künstler_innen ausschreiben zu können. Die Ateliers werden zum
1.10.2016 frei.

Es wird gebeten, für die Bewerbung neben Namen, Adresse, E-Mail und
telefonischer Erreichbarkeit eine Biografie und eine Dokumentation der
künstlerischen Arbeit entweder per PDF / E-Mail oder per Post
einzureichen. Darüber hinaus bitten wir um eine Kurzbeschreibung
eurer Art der Arbeit (sind besondere Anforderungen zu beachten wie
bspw. spezielle Arbeitsgeräte/Lasten/Wasser/Lautstärken etc.) Und
natürlich interessiert uns, warum ihr euch für ein Atelier im
Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof interessiert.

Die Ateliers können am Mittwoch, den 17.08., am Freitag, den 19.08.,
am Montag, den 22.08. und am Donnerstag, den 25.08. jeweils um 12:00
Uhr besichtigt werden. Treffpunkt ist vor dem Eingang des

Folgende Ateliers werden frei:

  1. Atelier: 41,5 qm (2. Stock, drei Fenster Ri. Hauptbahnhof / Süd-Ost-Seite). Miete € 213,20 monatlich inkl. Nebenkosten (+ € 3,-
    DSL / Internet), unrenoviert
  2. Atelier: 14,5 qm (1. Stock, ein Fenster Ri. Walle / Nord-West-Seite). Miete € 83,60 monatlich inkl. Nebenkosten (+ € 3,-
    DSL / Internet), unrenoviert
  3. Atelier: 24,0 qm (1. Stock, zwei Fenster Ri. Walle / Nord-West-Seite). Miete € 129,20 monatlich inkl. Nebenkosten (+ €
    3,- DSL / Internet), unrenoviert

Die Bewerbungen können bis zum 12.09.16 eingereicht werden. Über die
Vergabe der Ateliers entscheidet der Vorstand und die Leitung in
Zusammenarbeit mit einem künstlerischen Beirat.

Anschrift: Verein 23 e.V., Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof, Beim
Handelsmuseum 9, 28195 Bremen. E-Mail: vermietung@ga-art.de

Für Rückfragen steht das Büro des Künstlerhauses in der Regel montags
bis freitags in der Zeit von 9:00 bis 13:00 Uhr zur Verfügung: Tel.
0421-168 990 92

Vielen Dank für euer Interesse. Diese Atelier-Info kann gerne
weitergeleitet werden.

web: http://www.ga-art.de

(call) Prototype Fund

Prototype Fund (CC 3.0 BY DE)

Prototype Fund (CC 3.0 BY DE)

Der Prototype Fund ist ein Projekt der Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland, das vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) gefördert wird. Einzelpersonen und kleine Teams erhalten eine Förderung bei der Erprobung von Ideen und der Entwicklung von Open-Source-Tools und Anwendungen in den Bereichen Civic Tech, Data Literacy, Datensicherheit und anderen. Wir unterstützen die Bewerberinnen im Bewerbungsprozess so unbürokratisch wie möglich und passen ihn an die Bedürfnisse von Softwareentwicklerinnen, Hacker*innen und Kreativen an. Kurz: Der Prototype Fund bringt iterative Software-Entwicklung und staatliche Innovationsförderung zusammen.

In den nächsten drei Jahren sollen etwa 40 Projekte gefördert werden. Insgesamt vergibt das BMBF 1,2 Millionen Euro Fördergelder.

Prototype Fund

(call) Retune Festival 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 15.09.24

Retune Festival is looking for performances, installations, space design, experiences, workshops, talks, screenings, games, networking ideas, etc, for this year’s event. The projects should refer to one of the festival’s topics (but they might open an exception for nice nice very nice projects not connected to them).

Retune Festival writes:

The Retune Festival 2016 will transform a school building from the past into a playground of the futures. From October 6-8, the house and its surrounding neighbourhood in Berlin-Kreuzberg opens up to international artists, researchers, designers and creative coders. Creating a space for dialogues around the aesthetic-technological practices that are changing today’s society and our future relations to technology. The festival is clustered around four main themes:

Immersed Narratives

Neuronal Creation

Networked Transplantation

Creative Production

Apply at: https://retune.de/festival/2016/opencall/

(call) Open Call: FIS @ Ars Electronica 2016 (2016-07-30)

Ars Electronica writes:

The Ars Electronica Festival “RADICAL ATOMS and the alchemists of our
time” (Linz, Sept. 8-12, 2016) comes closer and closer and we are
looking for innovators with creative ideas and projects relevant to
the challenging topics and questions for the “Future Innovators Summit

What is the Future Innovators Summit (FIS)?

FIS is a creative system to develop ideas and prototypes for the
future. For four days a vast international mix of seasoned experts as
well as young entrepreneurs, activists, engineers, scientists, artists
and designers will come together to discuss ideas and develop Creative
Questions to the following themes:

  • Future Humanity
  • Future Education
  • Future Commons

Whom Are We Looking For?

This open call is directed at innovators who have creative ideas and
projects (in development, ongoing or realized) relevant to the three
main topics listed above. Interested?

Apply now for the FUTURE INNOVATORS SUMMIT at Ars Electronica 2016!

Application deadline: July 30, 2016

For further information and the program please visit:

(call) The 20th Japan Media Arts Festival

source: http://festival.j-mediaarts.jp/en/

JMAF writes:

The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media
Arts (Japanese: Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works from a
diverse range of media – from animation and comics to media art and
games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art,
Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. It also provides a platform for
appreciation of the Award-winning and other notable works. Since its
inception in 1997, the festival has recognized significant works of
high artistry and creativity, and in addition to a yearly Exhibition
of Award-winning Works has held other events, such as symposiums,
screenings, and showcases. Last year, the 19th Festival received 4,417
entries from 87 countries and regions around the world, demonstrating
is continuing evolution as an established annual international
festival. Award-winning Works are exhibited both within Japan and
abroad through various projects and events organized by The Agency of
Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan which aims to develop and
promote the creation of Media Arts by focusing primarily on the new
generation of artists.

Deadline: 18:00 on Friday, September 9, 2016 (Japan Standard Time).

Apply at: http://festival.j-mediaarts.jp/en/

(call) OUTNOW! 2017 (2016-11-15)

Judith Strodtkötter writes:

OUTNOW! 2017

International Performing Arts Festival

From June 2 to 6, 2017

A cooperation project of the Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen

From June 2 to 6, 2017, the Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen will again
host the Performing Arts Festival OUTNOW!. Founded at the Künstlerhaus
Schwankhalle Bremen in 1994, the festival has taken place biannually
as a cooperation project of the Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen since
2013. OUTNOW! showcases young artists, groups, and collectives from all over Europe at the start of their professional careers.

Individual artists, directors, groups, and collectives who have not
been producing their own works for much longer than three years are
invited to submit their current productions to the OUTNOW! Festival
2017. Contributions from neighboring disciplines such as media art, visual art, and music with performative or theatrical references are
just as welcome as performances in public space and site-specific
projects. There are no limitations regarding the length of the
productions or the number of participants; short works and works with
a large cast are also taken into consideration. A jury of
representatives of the organizers will select the works invited to the
festival from the submissions.

As a forum for international, up-and-coming theater creatives, OUTNOW!
offers the invited artists the opportunity to be present during the
entire festival period and exchange their expectations and needs with
others. This will lead to a valuable discourse providing impetus for
further developing one’s own artistic work and initiating new forms of
collaboration. This mutual exchange is supplemented by the outside
view of representatives of national and international theater
institutions: The contributions to the program will be discussed in
larger public panels. Individual conversations with dramaturgs and
project directors provide the opportunity to delve into thematic,
organizational, and financial issues. Furthermore, a selected group of
young culture journalists and theater scholars will accompany the
festival with reports.

Brief application information (you’ll find the detailed application
form attached to this email)

  • OUTNOW! grasps itself as a festival for artists at the start of their professional career. Applications can be submitted by
    individual artists and groups from all artistic disciplines who have
    been professionally working as artists for not much longer than three
    years. Students can also apply.
  • The submitted works must be able to go on tour and may not be older than two years.
  • All formats from the performing arts or with theatrical or performative references are welcome: OUTNOW! has presented and will
    present works for the stage and black box, site-specific works,
    installations, performances in public space, and audio walks. The
    works needn’t be full-length. Works with a larger cast are also taken
    into account.
  • Application deadline is November 15, 2016.
  • Applications can be submitted only electronically via email. The application form is attached or available as a download at www.
    outnow-bremen.de and http://www.schwankhalle.de
  • A precondition for the application is a video link to a complete recording. Additional information material (detailed
    description, press and image material) can be attached as a PDF.
    Incomplete applications cannot be taken into consideration.
  • Travel and transport costs, accommodation and breakfast in Bremen during the festival period are taken over. Expense allowances
    are planned.

Further information on the internet:


Schwankhalle Judith Strodtkötter, Project Head Outnow
Buntentorsteinweg 112 28201 Bremen Email:
outnow@schwankhalle.de, phone: 0049 (0)421-52080732

(award) Deutscher Multimediapreis mb21 (2016-08-07)

medienkulturzentrum.de writes:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, werte Professorinnen und Professoren,
liebe Studierende,

nun, da an vielen Universitäten und Hochschulen in Deutschland die
verdienten Semesterferien kurz vor der Tür stehen, wollte ich die
Gelegenheit nicht unversucht lassen, Sie daran zu erinnern, dass
multimediale Projekte von Studierenden bis 25 Jahre, die im Rahmen von
Semester- und Abschlussarbeiten, aber auch in der Freizeit entstanden
sind, noch bis zum 7. August 2016 beim Deutschen Multimediapreis mb21
eingereicht werden können. Apps, faszinierende Computerspiele oder
innovative Software, interaktive Projektionen, Hörspiele und
Sound-Collagen, verblüffende Maschinen und Robotics, Websites, Blogs,
Computeranimationen sind nur einige wenige Beispiele für Projekte, die
bei mb21 ausgezeichnet werden können. Pro Teilnehmer können bis zu
drei Projekte eingereicht werden, Institutionen können gar bis zu fünf
Projekte anmelden. Dabei ist es unerheblich, ob das Projekt allein
oder im Team erstellt wurde. Einsendeschluss ist der 7. August 2016.

In fünf verschiedenen Alterskategorien (Vorschule, 7-10 Jahre, 11-15
Jahre, 16-20 Jahre sowie 21-25 Jahre) und mehreren Sonderkategorien
(„Games“, „Creative Mobile“, „Medienkunst“, „Computeranimation“,
„DigitalARTisten“ sowie zum Sonderthema „Zweite Heimat“) werden Geld-
und Sachpreise im Gesamtwert von über 10.000 Euro vergeben. Die
verschiedenen Preiskategorien bieten jedem die Möglichkeit, sich mit
ganz unterschiedlichen Interessen und Begabungen in den Wettbewerb
einzubringen und gewährleisten Chancengleichheit und Vergleichbarkeit
der einzelnen Projekte untereinander. Und weil Multimedia für Vielfalt
steht, freuen wir uns ganz besonders über Einreichungen aus inklusiv
arbeitenden Schulen und Projektgruppen.

Vom 11.-13. November 2015 werden alle Nominierten zum Medienfestival
nach Dresden eingeladen. Hier erwartet sie ein umfangreiches Programm
mit verschiedenen Multimediastationen, Workshops und natürlich der
feierlichen Preisverleihung. Zudem findet sich genügend Zeit und Raum,
alle bundesweiten Preisträger kennenzulernen, sich auszutauschen und
zu vernetzen.

Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1998 hat sich der Deutsche
Multimediapreis mb21 als eines der wichtigsten Foren für digitale
Medienkultur etabliert. Hier treffen junge Talente auf angehende
Profis und lassen jedes Jahr aufs Neue ihren kreativen Ideen freien
Lauf. Alle Kinder, Jugendlichen und junge Erwachsene bis
einschließlich 25 Jahre sind herzlich dazu aufgerufen, ihre
multimedialen Projekte bei mb21 einzureichen. Der Wettbewerb wird
gemeinsam vom Medienkulturzentrum Dresden e.V. und dem Deutschen
Kinder- und Jugendfilmzentrum (KJF) veranstaltet. Gefördert wird mb21
vom Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend, der
Landeshauptstadt Dresden und vielen weiteren Partnern.

Auf http://www.mb21.de können sich Interessenten über die verschiedenen
Wettbewerbskategorien und Teilnahmebedingungen informieren. Den
aktuellen Ausschreibungsflyer finden Sie im Anhang.

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie Ihre Studierenden über die Möglichkeit
der Einreichung informieren könnten. Für unmittelbare Fragen und
Probleme steht Ihnen mein Kollege vom Deutschen Kinder- und
Jugendfilmzentrum (KJF) unter hartmann@kjf.de zur Verfügung. Ich bin
wieder ab dem 25.07. im Büro zu erreichen.

Herzliche Grüße und erholsame Semesterferien Hannes Güntherodt