2014 Summer Visiting Student/Researcher @ Tangible Media Group

  • Position: 2014 Summer Visiting Student/Researcher
  • Funding: Self-funded
  • Department: Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

The Tangible Media Group, led by professor Hiroshi Ishii, seeks to fill one summer visiting student or visiting researcher position. Our group focuses on programmable material for product and interface design. While much of our previous work has been about representing digital information with tangible interfaces, we are now aiming to program the physical material to create transformable and responsive interfaces and artifacts. We believe the future of computer is its disappearance through material computation. We also intensively combine machine computation and sensing with our material. Some of our recent work includes Pneumatically driven composite material for shape changing interface (PneUI)and JamSheets for stiffness changing interfaces. We also work with biologists and chemists at MIT and hold a growing interest in bio-enabled interfaces.

We need you! Here are some recommended qualifications:

  • Talented designer or architect, knowing how to prototype beautiful ideas and shapes with mind, pen, paper and digital machines
  • Fabrication! Material! Fabrication! Willing to try out new materials, new fabrication approaches. Knowing parametric design is a plus.
  • In love with one or all of those: geometry, pattern, structure, mechanical properties of materials, origami, fashion wearable design
  • Independent and motivated!

We will work together through the summer, and have potential opportunities to publish and exhibit our outcome over the world together. Plus, Media Lab is an open, active and collaborative community with over twenty research groups across art science and technology. We promise you a fun summer!

If interested, please respond as soon as possible to Lining Yao (liningy@media.mit.edu) with a short paragraph introducing yourself, your work/online portfolio, and we will setup a time to talk more.


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