(call) Ars Electronica Open Call: POST CITY KIT ( 2015.07.15 )

Together with experienced partners and a group of outstanding artists and innovators from all over the world, the goal will be to develop a POST CITY KIT: Ideas, Strategies, Tools and Prototypes to improve our cities.

The challenging topics and questions for the POST CITY KIT are:

  • How smart does a city have to be before we are afraid to live in it?
  • “Publicy” … the transformation of private and public
  • Smart democracy
  • Strategies to elicit community involvement
  • Informed trust – In a world of autonomous machines
  • What types of resilience should we develop?

Whom Are We Looking For?

This open call is directed at innovators who have creative ideas and projects (in development, ongoing or realized) relevant to the challenging topics and questions for the POST CITY KIT.

Interested? Apply now for the Future Catalyst Program for the development of the POST CITY KIT at Ars Electronica 2015!

Application deadline: July 15, 2015

Further Information