(call) Bees 2015 – call for contributors 29.04.2015

Bees 2015 writes:

CALL FOR EXCITING & INTERESTING THINGS! Do you do exciting and (or)
interesting things? Then this is for you!

Bees in a Tin is a gathering happening on the 12th of June 2015 for
interesting and exciting people who make unique interfaces for the
world around them. This year it’s happening in partnership with
Supersonic as part of their annual festival of experimental music and

And we’re currently looking for people to present… interesting and
exciting things, experiences, performances, talks, artefacts, ideas
and other nouns, at the event.

If you have devised (or are devising) a novel way of interacting with
your surroundings that makes people stop, think or just go “wow!”,
then we would like to be in the same room as you. Your project could
be a performance piece; guided walk; interactive object; data
visualisation; science experiment or something completely different.
Surprise us!

We’ve started the programming with a keynote presentation from the
extraordinary Owl Project. What happens next is up to you.

It doesn’t have to be arts-based and it doesn’t have to be finished:
we’re looking for things that invite us to consider our position in
relationship to things differently.

We’ll be in a space that can accommodate talks, workshops and/or
playtesting and feedback on work in progress. Tell us how you’d like
to feed into the day and we’ll do our best to squeeze in as much
amazing stuff as we can.