(call) Genius Loci Weimar 2015 – competition for facade projections


MXWendler writes:

Genius Loci Weimar 2015 – competition for facade projections is open

8th of April 2015 – 30 seconds video – 45000 Euro prize money

The competition

Every year, three new facades are chosen to become a part of the
competition. Whilst differing greatly, all the sites are appealing
and intriguing in their own way. One artist or artist team is chosen
as the winner for each facade.

Atrium Weimar

1936, Reich Minister Rudolf Hess laid the foundation stone for the
‘Hall of the People’. It was here, in a mass staged event, that 40000
people celebrated the advent of the monstrous National Socialist
project. The ‘Gauforum Weimar’ counts as the only fully realised
ensemble of its kind from the time of Third Reich. Genius Loci Weimar
2015 will be the first public event to take place on the square for 25


The ‘Lange Jakob’ was designed in the late 1960s in the aryl years of
the GDR. Design and planning was undertaken by Anita Bach, the GDR’s
first Professor of Architecture. The Jakobsplan is a reminder not only
of the architectural and social discourse of the GDR from the fifties
to the late seventies. Moreover, it is the architectural response of
the GDR to the ensemble of the former Gauforum.


The 400 year-old building in Gerberstrasse 3 was formerly a grain
storehouse,later a metal workshop with foundry. 1990 six young people
made the spontaneous decision to move into the empty building. 1993,
disputes between left-wing and right-wing youth culture, along with
increasingly violent clashes between neo-Nazis and members of the punk
movement, finally spread to central Weimar and onto the desk of
Angela Merkel. Merkel travelled to Weimar and visited the building in
Gerberstraße, where she spoke to squatters around the kitchen table.

For more information please visit http://www.genius-loci-weimar.org