lucas writes:

Hochschule für Künste Bremen – Germany

Sichuan Fine Art Institute – China

The EXHIBITION 04 – Import Export at the IMMIGRATION OFFICE is a collaborative exhibition between the students of the HOCHSCHULE FÜR KÜNSTE BREMEN (HfK) in Germany and the SICHUAN FINE ART INSTITUTE (SCFAI) in China.

An exhibition in both cities will take place at the same time in December 2014, where artworks of Students of the HfK Bremen will be sent (not physically) to the Gallery of the University in Sichuan to be exhibited there, meanwhile the Immigration office will receive works from the students of SCFAI.

The theme of the exhibition IMPORT EXPORT explores further dialogues between art institutions and Nations, focusing on the flow of artworks between continents as following the flow of people or commodities. While people immigrate from and to countries and commodities are imported and exported, how do artworks transit between two different spaces?

We invite all the students from both universities to apply for the EXHIBITION 04. The selection of the works to be exhibited at the SCFAI will be made in China and the Immigration Office will curate the works to be exhibited at the venue in Bremen. More information + application form can be found here:



Deadline: 20th October 2014