(call) OUTNOW! 2017 (2016-11-15)

Judith Strodtkötter writes:

OUTNOW! 2017

International Performing Arts Festival

From June 2 to 6, 2017

A cooperation project of the Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen

From June 2 to 6, 2017, the Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen will again
host the Performing Arts Festival OUTNOW!. Founded at the Künstlerhaus
Schwankhalle Bremen in 1994, the festival has taken place biannually
as a cooperation project of the Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen since
2013. OUTNOW! showcases young artists, groups, and collectives from all over Europe at the start of their professional careers.

Individual artists, directors, groups, and collectives who have not
been producing their own works for much longer than three years are
invited to submit their current productions to the OUTNOW! Festival
2017. Contributions from neighboring disciplines such as media art, visual art, and music with performative or theatrical references are
just as welcome as performances in public space and site-specific
projects. There are no limitations regarding the length of the
productions or the number of participants; short works and works with
a large cast are also taken into consideration. A jury of
representatives of the organizers will select the works invited to the
festival from the submissions.

As a forum for international, up-and-coming theater creatives, OUTNOW!
offers the invited artists the opportunity to be present during the
entire festival period and exchange their expectations and needs with
others. This will lead to a valuable discourse providing impetus for
further developing one’s own artistic work and initiating new forms of
collaboration. This mutual exchange is supplemented by the outside
view of representatives of national and international theater
institutions: The contributions to the program will be discussed in
larger public panels. Individual conversations with dramaturgs and
project directors provide the opportunity to delve into thematic,
organizational, and financial issues. Furthermore, a selected group of
young culture journalists and theater scholars will accompany the
festival with reports.

Brief application information (you’ll find the detailed application
form attached to this email)

  • OUTNOW! grasps itself as a festival for artists at the start of their professional career. Applications can be submitted by
    individual artists and groups from all artistic disciplines who have
    been professionally working as artists for not much longer than three
    years. Students can also apply.
  • The submitted works must be able to go on tour and may not be older than two years.
  • All formats from the performing arts or with theatrical or performative references are welcome: OUTNOW! has presented and will
    present works for the stage and black box, site-specific works,
    installations, performances in public space, and audio walks. The
    works needn’t be full-length. Works with a larger cast are also taken
    into account.
  • Application deadline is November 15, 2016.
  • Applications can be submitted only electronically via email. The application form is attached or available as a download at www.
    outnow-bremen.de and http://www.schwankhalle.de
  • A precondition for the application is a video link to a complete recording. Additional information material (detailed
    description, press and image material) can be attached as a PDF.
    Incomplete applications cannot be taken into consideration.
  • Travel and transport costs, accommodation and breakfast in Bremen during the festival period are taken over. Expense allowances
    are planned.

Further information on the internet:


Schwankhalle Judith Strodtkötter, Project Head Outnow
Buntentorsteinweg 112 28201 Bremen Email:
outnow@schwankhalle.de, phone: 0049 (0)421-52080732