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Application Deadline June 1st !!

Designregio Kortrijk is looking for 3 highly motivated and recently graduated designer-makers or creative artists to join in a regional residency programme in Kortrijk, Belgium.
The Designers in Residence Programme Kortrijk is a 4-month full time working residency from September to December 2017.

Designregio Kortrijk provides for the selected Designers in Residence Kortrijk:

  • accommodation
  • usage of Budalab Open Makerspace
  • experts in several domains and support of Designregio Kortrijk

Enabling liquid boundaries by social design

Boundaries in society blur.
Libraries act as social meeting places, social restaurants also accommodate childcare, young startups and concert halls are cohousing, culture and scientific research reinforce each other, etc.
The permanent state of societal transformations leads to a society with liquid boundaries.
Designregio Kortrijk invites 3 young designers to develop an experimental concept for those liquid boundaries by social design, exploring social transformation through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk.

(lecture) OUT Vortragseihe zur Professionalisierung offen für alle Studierende

enter image description here

Bettina Pelz writes:

Hallo – hier der Überblick zu der Vortragsreihe OUT, die offen ist für
alle Studierenden. Bitte an die Studierenden weiterleiten. Außerdem
gibt Grundlagen-Seminare OUT Basics ( u.a. Preisgestaltung, Rechnung,
KSK) am 26. und 27. Mai, OUT Best Practice am 16. und 17. Juni zum
Thema Fundraising für studentische Projekte und OUT Networking am 28.
und 30. Juni 2017. Interessierte Studierende können sich über Artist
oder über das Campus-Office anmelden. OUT Sprechstunde für
individuelle Beratungen oder die Unterstützung von Arbeitsgruppen und
Projekten ist in der Regel Mittwochnachmittag, bedarf aber immer der
Vereinbarung – entweder per Mail oder
+4942195951262. Viele Grüße von Bettina

Final Call: Submit your Projects of Summer Semester 2017 for the HEC Sponsorship // DEADLINE EXTENSION //

Dear Students and Teachers of the Bachelor and Master Digital Media Program,

Again we would like to invite you to submit projects for the upcoming round of the HEC sponsorship!

We Invite Projects to be Submitted for this Sponsorship that

  • can be individual projects ( for instance M.A. or B.A. thesis work )
  • can be group projects
  • can be classes or courses of the summer semester
  • can be of any theme or focus ( theoretical, artistic, experimental,
    performative, applied etc. )
  • must be HfK digital media projects or courses ( UNI students may be
    members of such HfK projects or courses, but they can not apply
    individually, nor can UNI projects or UNI courses apply )
  • must be completed no later then the end of the summer semester 2017
    (Sep. 30th)

Some Background

HEC is a bremen based it-engineering and consulting firm, that sponsors projects and classes of the HfK DM program with up to EUR 1.500,- per semester. The money can be used for any purpose related to the selected project. HEC will not direct or influence content or form of the project. There is a framework of some brief contracts (for IP rights, among other aspects) that get signed by all participants. During the projects/classes there are usually 2 or 3 meetings or presentations where HEC is informed about the progress or results of the projects. They do like to voice their opinion and offer feedback from their particular point of view, but only to stimulate discussion and exchange. HEC hopes to gain fresh impulses, get publicity and find talent. A few people from your program have worked there, or for one of their affiliated companies.

The Selection Process

Dennis and I will pick 4 to 6 projects out of all submitted projects. Some of the criteria we base this first selection on are

  • potential quality of form and content
  • wide range of theme, content and focus within this group of 4 to 6
    projects (this caters a bit to HEC)
  • necessity / need / use of the sponsorship
  • potential likelihood of completion within the semester

We also like aspects such as the use, role or particular perspective on technology within the project, inventiveness is nice but not essential, and also the sustainability (german is better here: Nachhaltigkeit) of the use of the money can be an aspect.

We then submit the selected 4 to 6 projects to the members of our Stuko for approval. Following this, they are presented to HEC. They then choose from this list a project they want to sponsor. They have chosen a wide range of topics in the past. Any good idea has a good chance.

We should have a decision within April. Of course this is tight, as some projects may be started differently, depending on the available budget, but in the past we have seen, that many of you do not even really know what they plan to do during the semester before this point – and at least some of you already know that this call comes around this time, every semester – and hopefully it will continue for many more to come, if HEC continues their generous support.

Your Submission

  • must contain a brief description of the project / class of not more
    then 500 words, covering title, theme / focus, methods, motivations /
    questions, context, goal / outcome (or similar points, should these
    not apply to your project)
  • must contain a rough time plan of milestones / dates / presentations
  • must contain an estimate of how the money would be used
  • must be uploaded (not sent directly) for instance to ownCloud or
    dropbox and a link sent to and
  • by April 16th 2017 (extended Deadline!)

We are looking looking forward to your submissions.

Dennis and Peter
for the Stuko DM