(exhibition) HACKS+HOAXES / opening 06.10.2015

you are cordially invited to the opening of hacks+hoaxes tomorrow 19:00 at GALERIE HEROLD im Künstlerhaus am Güterbahnhof


When we engage with a system, be it social or technical, natural or artificial, virtual or physical, we produce knowledge by first observing and later by manipulating it. We are designers of systems.

But we intervene, we subvert, we deceive. For it is by the tricks of us hoaxers, or by the artifice of us hackers, that we expose both the plots and the gaps of the systems we are entangled with.

Hacks+Hoaxes proposes to observe, learn, negotiate and intervene within different systems in order to question their structures, explore their thresholds, and debunk their agencies.