(festival) transmediale 2015: CAPTURE ALL 28.01–01.02.2015

transmedial writes:

In a society ruled by algorithms, data is always at play. When quantification becomes part of our daily routines, we more or less consciously contribute to a permanent capture of life into data. Value can now potentially be extracted from everything, and productivity can be measured in all fields of life. This particularly redefines the relation between work and play as ludic and participatory structures are purposefully used to render personal information traceable, social relationships and behavioural patterns recognisable. Life is increasingly governed by a logic of CAPTURE ALL as a never-ending enterprise of predictive control.

What are the artistic strategies and speculative approaches that resist CAPTURE ALL as a measure of constant control and accumulation? What other approaches to data collection, algorithmic self management and the new modalities of work and play can be developed?

transmediale 2015 sets out to explore the limits of digital culture’s pervasive logic of CAPTURE ALL, and its quantification of work, play and life.

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