Free student/instructor access to JetBrain IDEs

I recently added the HfK to the institutions eligible for free educational access to the IDEs developed by JetBrains ( Today we got accepted and now you can head over to their eStore and secure your free licence for a year.

In case you never heard of JetBrains before, their IDE IntelliJ IDEA ( became very popular among Java and ActionScript developers, because it is a lot faster than Eclipse – no more waiting for ‘Building workspace’. AppCode ( is also a lot faster and more capable in regards of Objective C and C++ programming. A nice feature of AppCode is, that you can directly open XCode projects in AppCode. So you can switch seamlessly between the two – i.e. AppCode for coding and XCode for Profiling and Debugging. As it supports C++ you can also use it to develop with Cinder ( and OpenFrameworks ( For web development they provide PHPStorm ( which with the latest version has full support for WordPress among bazillion other features.

Happy Coding! David