(Residency) Radicate: Be Sm/ART 2, an artist residency focusing on innovation and tradition (2016-10-30)

radicate writes:

In the experimental framework of the project entitled Be Sm/ART 2,
realized with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo, as part of
the open-call ORA!, and put forth by Fondazione A. De Mari, Radicate
invites artists who work and live in Europe for a two-month residency
in Savona, on the Ligurian Riviera, Italy. Throughout the course of
the residency the artist will interact with the Industrial & Energy
Engineering Department at the Savona Campus (University of Genoa,
Italy) and will be exposed to a network of manufactures and ateliers
that stand at the forefront of the ceramic tradition in the territory
of Savona. With the prospect that the artist’s approach is visionary,
courageous and innovative, the residency intends to stimulate an
experimental vision that transgresses the dichotomy of art and science
and ventures into unknown territories.

During the residency the artist will be invited to conceive of an art
intervention* by intersecting tradition with innovation, past and
future, synthesizing an experimental approach exemplified by the
ceramic workshops present in the territory of Savona and the research
on the sustainable development of the Smart City located at the
campus. We encourage candidates that work with experimental and
interactive means whilst using new technologies and digital tools. In
the span of this residency the artist will also be invited to
collaborate with the project AARM of DigifabTuring, the FabLab of

Radicate sustains the idea of immateriality and sustainability thus
urging all those candidates to apply whose practices experiment and
interact with new technologies, such as computational drawing within
the context of contemporary art.