(workshop) Introduction to Programming in Processing

July 21–24, 2015

Room 2.11.080

Digital Media students come from diverse professional backgrounds, leaving some with little or no prior experience in programming. This workshop is aimed at all students – Digital Media students in particular – eager to expand their programming skills.

In the workshop you will learn to create applications in Processing. I will alternate between explaining the mechanisms of its programming language and guiding you through the process of creating applications. The workflow will be focused on practical programming instead teaching just the theory. In order to maintain that focus I might ask to prepare for each workshop day by watching video tutorials which I’ll provide to you in advance. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and resources, enabling you to develop your own ideas and to continue to learn programming on your own.

Given our diversity, I’ll try to adapt the workshop as much as possible to your pace and interests. Apart from students of Digital Media also students from Integrated Design and Free Art are also welcome. The workshop is limited to 10 participants. Register here to secure your spot now.

See you!