Termine / Dates for Stuko Meetings WS 2019-20

Dear All,

Here are the dates for Stuko meetings this winter semester 2019/20, always at the HfK, Speicher XI 8, Room 2.11.080, always Wednesdays 4:30 pm.
We will send out separate invitations before each date, but consider yourselves invited already now ­čÖé

  • Oct 23. 2019, 16.30 – ca. 18:00
  • Nov 13 .2019, 16.30 – ca. 18:00
  • Dec 11. 2019, 16.30 – ca. 18:00
  • Jan 15. 2020, 16.30 – ca. 18:00
  • Feb 05. 2020, 16.30 – ca. 18:00

Frohes winter semester!
Stuko DM

einladung zur semesterer├Âffnung / invitation to the semester opening WS2019/20

liebe studierende, liebe kolleginnen und kollegen, dear students and colleagues,

einladung zur semesterer├Âffnung digitale medien invitation the semester opening digital media

di 08. october 2019, 13:00h auditorium im speicher XI

13:00 begr├╝├čung durch die sprecher des studienganges welcome address by the heads of the program meriten WS2019/20

13:30 vorstellung der lehrangebote introduction of courses

14:30 ank├╝ndigungen announcements

mit den besten gr├╝ssen dennis paul + ralf baecker

Workshop with Gijs Gieskes

Building audiovisual objects from old electronic devices and connecting them together to form a network that responds to itself by using simple electronic circuits.

  • DM.B-MA-2 + DM-M-MA-2 (Advanced Topics in Digital Media)
  • workshop in english language for BA/MA students
  • period: 5th to 9th august 2019
  • room 2.11.100 / HfK Bremen speicher XI 8

Gijs Gieskesis a industrial designer from the Netherlands specializing in the design of electronic devices (DIY, hacking, circuit bending) for audiovisual use. He does workshops, exhibitions, concerts with his machines and instruments. ( http://gieskes.nl/ )

Gijs writes: The idea is to make objects that look and sound nice individually, and can form a group of objects that respond to each other in a simple way. they have a input and a output, or multiple inputs and outputs. the inputs and outputs can be connected to itself but also to other objects so they form a chain of reactions.

register by sending a mail to r.baecker @ hfk-bremen.de (max. 15 participants; currently 5 registrations; 10 spots left)

Some Summer-Semester-Courses by Frieder Nake, that You May not Find on “Artist” …


2 SWS, 4 CP, f├╝r Digitale Medien, Informatik, “Media Informatics”, Englisch oder Deutsch
Dienstag 14-16 an der Universit├Ąt MZH 6340, Beginn 2.April

… ein locker loser lesekreis

2 SWS, 0 CP, f├╝r alle, die interessiert sind, eine Auswahl historischer politisch-kulturell-├Âkonomischer Texte zu diskutieren
Dienstag 16-18 an der Universit├Ąt in MZH 1260, Beginn 2. April 16:30

Please go to Frieder’s website for more details on these and other offers: https://compart.uni-bremen.de

Digital Media Students: Your Chance to Visit the 2019 Venice Biennale!

Dear students

As you may have heard, the German pavilion of the 2019 Venice Biennale will feature the work of HfK professor Natascha S├╝der Happelmann. Because of this, the HfK is trying to organize a trip for students to Venice. It will be organized as a kind of summer school, in cooperation with the University Venice (IUAV)

The trip would be partially sponsored, but a significant portion of the costs would have to be paid by each participant. Still, for that amount of money, it is a brilliant opportunity to attend that famous art spectacle. This opportunity is open for all HfK students! With this call the Stuko DM would like to asses the interest among DM students only.

In order to figure out, if the planning could actually work out, it would be very helpful to know how many DM people might be interested in taking part. If the number of all HfK people interested is much larger than the available spots, some selection process will have to be devised. If the number of people is much smaller, then the planning and financing will have to be changed accordingly.

The HfK is planning for 3 Groups of 20 people each:

Dates for the
1st Group: 12. – 18. June
2nd Group: 17. – 23. June
3rd Group: 22. – 28. June

We estimate the Tripp will cost ca. 500,- per person. This includes room and board, travel expenses, access to the biennale, and participation in some workshops – all together this can be considered to be relatively little for such a trip.

Costs per person:
ca. 150,- sponsored
ca. 350,- your own contribution

If you are interested, please send a brief email asap to Andrea Sick:

Invitation Stuko 063, Feb 06. 2019, 16:30, room 2_11.080

liebe studierende,
liebe kolleginnen und kollegen,
dear students and colleagues,

hiermit laden wir euch herzlich zur sitzung der studienkommission (stuko) digitale medien ein.
we would like to invite you to the stuko meeting.
wednesday / mittwoch, feb. 06. 2019, 16:30 – 18:00

raum / room 2_11.080

01 genehmigung der tagesordnung / approval of agenda
02 genehmigung des protokolls stuko 062 / approval of last protocol (sent by ralf)
03 student members of the MA aufnahmepr├╝fungskommission / commission of the MA application process
04 finaces / budget: reste├╝bertragung, plans for 2019, antr├Ąge
05 hochschultage 2019
06 verschiedenes / div.

mit den besten gr├╝ssen
ralf baecker + peter von maydell