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Der BremenHack ist ein Hackathon, bei dem Designer, Entwickler, Maker und andere Kreative an einem Tisch zusammenkommen. Für 42 Stunden finden sich Teams, um Projekte anzustoßen, gemeinsam weiterzuentwickeln oder schlicht zu experimentieren.

25. – 27. September 2015

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(workshop) Arduinos + Sensors

July 14–19, 2015 Room 2.11.080 (not sure yet)

Assignment Arduino + Sensors “You just take on Arduino and connect one single good idea with one sensor to hopefully get something new, fresh and interesting.”

This workshop is aimed at all students – Digital Media students who are starting their projects in Wintersemester 2015/16 in particular – eager to expand their physical computing skills. Apart from students of Digital Media also students from Integrated Design and Fine Arts are welcome.

Our whole environment is about sensing: Sensing each other. Sensing the unseeable, unhearable, untouchable, unsmellable and untastable. Making sense out senses.

We as humans are packed with a bunch of complex sensorial tools, but as soon as we sit down with each other to talk straight about how we perceive “something” it couldn’t get anymore difficult: Colors are off, some off us can’t hear certain things anymore and when we talk about taste, all hell breaks loose. In this workshop we will try to be more objective in this matter, meaning: We’re going to build objects that have one single sensor and one single output. Or to be more precise: You will come up with small stories revolving around one sensor you pick and extrapolate one artefact you will construct. The emphasis of this workshop will heavily rely on your creativity and your participation. We will do quantization of our “Umwelt” and quantify it.

What you can expect: * A theory part, where we will have discussions and get into the “mood” * Basic knowledge of a huge range of sensors (What’s out there? What’s the use?) * A way to structure your physical computing projects * (Some) rapid-prototyping techniques * Something to take away

To make things even a bit more interesting and not to random, there will be three simple rules and your object should align to at least one of theses rules.

If you like to participate in this intensive workshop, please register here:

The workshop is limited to 10 participants only!

Lieben Gruß, Julian