(call) Retune Festival 2016

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Retune Festival is looking for performances, installations, space design, experiences, workshops, talks, screenings, games, networking ideas, etc, for this year’s event. The projects should refer to one of the festival’s topics (but they might open an exception for nice nice very nice projects not connected to them).

Retune Festival writes:

The Retune Festival 2016 will transform a school building from the past into a playground of the futures. From October 6-8, the house and its surrounding neighbourhood in Berlin-Kreuzberg opens up to international artists, researchers, designers and creative coders. Creating a space for dialogues around the aesthetic-technological practices that are changing today’s society and our future relations to technology. The festival is clustered around four main themes:

Immersed Narratives

Neuronal Creation

Networked Transplantation

Creative Production

Apply at: https://retune.de/festival/2016/opencall/