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(call) European Media Art Festival (2017-12-03)

EMAF writes:


Films, videos, installations and performance projects or expanded
media works – we look forward to receiving your entries for the 31st
European Media Art Festival 2018!

Every year, EMAF offers visitors a current overview of experimental
films, installations, performances and new digital formats, ranging
from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to
provocative statements from the pulsating area of “Media Art and
Society”. The festival sees itself as a place of experimentation and
as a lab where extraordinary works, experiments and ventures are
created and presented.

At the festival, two juries will select the winners of the “EMAF Media
Art Award of the Deutsche Filmkritik”, the “Newcomer Award”, the
“Dialog Award” of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the
“EMAF Award” for a trend-setting work in Media Art.

European Media Art Festival

EMAF is one of the most influential forums of international Media Art.
As a meeting point for artists, curators, distributors, galleries,
scientists and students, the festival has a great impact on the topics
and aesthetics of Media Art.

The 31st EMAF will take place in Osnabrück, Germany, from 18 to 22
April 2018.

We warmly invite you to submit your projects and works!

Please use the online forms to submit all your entries by 3 December
2017 at the latest.


Contact: European Media Art Festival Lohstraße 45 a D-49074 Osnabrueck

phone +49 (0) 5 41 – 2 16 58 fax +49 (0) 5 41 – 2 83 27 e-mail

(call) Web Residencies 2017 by Solitude & ZKM »An AI Summer« (2017-10-20)

Schloss—Post writes:

I am an I, a computational I. I, the machine, show you a world the way
that only I can see it. I am in constant calculation. I sort,
categorize, and label what I see before me. I labor each day for the
human. I move alongside you. I arrive before you.

The third joint call for Web Residencies by Solitude & ZKM in 2017 is
curated by Nora O Murchú who invites artists from all disciplines,
designers, engineers, or scientists (alone or in teams) to speculate
and experiment on the potentials and possibilities of AI.

We welome work that invents alternative-value algorithmic systems,
calls attention to the subtleties of social life, explores how we may
see with the machine or how we may carefully model and train a

Applicants can address AI as a topic or employ AI methods in the
creation of the work. All types of work are accepted: websites,
videos, writing, 3-D objects, music, or applications.

Read the full text of the call here. The deadline is October 20, 2017.
Find out more about the program Web Residencies here.

We look forward to receiving your application!

(call) up to 1.500,- for your Project: HEC Sponsorship Wintersemester 2017/18

We would like to invite you to submit projects for the upcoming round of the HEC sponsorship!

We Invite Projects to be Submitted for this Sponsorship that

  • can be individual projects (for instance M.A. or B.A. thesis work,
    or 3rd semester Master Projects)
  • can be group projects
  • can be classes or courses of the winter semester 2017/18
  • can be of any theme or focus (theoretical, artistic, experimental,
    performative, applied etc.)
  • must be HfK digital media projects or courses (UNI students may be
    members of such HfK projects or courses, but they can not apply
    individually, nor can UNI projects or UNI courses apply)
  • must be completed no later then the end of the winter semester
    2017/18 (March 31. 2018)

Some Background

HEC is a bremen based it-engineering and consulting firm, that sponsors projects and classes of the HfK DM program with up to EUR 1.500,- per semester. The money can be used for any purpose related to the selected project. HEC will not direct or influence content or form of the project. There is a framework of some brief contracts (for IP rights, among other aspects) that get signed by all participants. During the projects/classes there are usually 2 or 3 meetings or presentations where HEC is informed about the progress or results of the projects. They do like to voice their opinion and offer feedback from their particular point of view, but only to stimulate discussion and exchange. HEC hopes to gain fresh impulses, get publicity and find talent. A few people from your program have worked there, or for one of their affiliated companies.

The Selection Process

Dennis and I will pick 4 to 6 projects out of all submitted projects. Some of the criteria we base this first selection on are

  • potential quality of form and content
  • wide range of theme, content and focus within this group of 4 to 6
    projects (this caters a bit to HEC)
  • necessity / need / use of the sponsorship
  • potential likelihood of completion within the semester

We also like aspects such as the use, role or particular perspective on technology within the project, inventiveness is nice but not essential, and also the sustainability (german is better here: Nachhaltigkeit) of the use of the money can be an aspect.

We then submit the selected 4 to 6 projects to the members of our Stuko for approval. Following this, they are presented to HEC. They then choose from this list a project they want to sponsor. They have chosen a wide range of topics in the past. Any good idea has a good chance.

We should have a decision by the end of October. Of course this is tight, as some projects may be started differently, depending on the available budget, but in the past we have seen, that many of you do not even really know what they plan to do during the semester before this point – and at least some of you already know that this call comes around this time, every semester – and hopefully it will continue for many more to come, if HEC continues their generous support.

Your Submission

  • must contain a brief description of the project / class of not more
    then 500 words, covering title, theme / focus, methods, motivations /
    questions, context, goal / outcome (or similar points, should these
    not apply to your project)
  • must contain a rough time plan of milestones / dates / presentations
  • must contain an estimate of how the money would be used
  • must be UPLOADED (not sent directly) for instance to ownCloud or
    dropbox and a link sent to and
  • by October 15th 2017

We are looking looking forward to your submissions.

Dennis and Peter

(call) push.conference 2017 (2017-09-25)

push.conference writes:


Wir veranstalten am 20. & 21. Oktober wieder die push.conference in
München. Und wie jedes Jahr, ist es möglich interessante interaktive
Projekte in der Ausstellung der Konferenz den gut 600 Gästen zu
präsentieren. Die Arbeiten können dabei aus der ganzen Bandbreite von
UX, UI und Interaction Design kommen – Interaktive Installationen,
Visualisierungen, Apps, Web, HMIs, Technologie-Demos, fertige Produkte
genauso wie Konzepte oder Prototypen.

An der HfK Bremen gibt es bestimmt einige spannende Projekte aus
diesen Bereichen! Die Projekte können hier eingereicht werden:

Unter dem Link finden sich auch einige Beispiele und Eindrücke der

Projekte können bis zum 25.09.2017 eingereicht werden.

Viele Grüße aus München,
Henning & das


(call) OPEN CALL to Artists, Scientists, Educators, Researchers, Engineers, Entrepreneurs & Future Innovators / Ars Electronica Open Call: Future Innovators Summit 2017 (2017-07-17)

ARS electronica writes:

This is the fourth time that the Future Innovators Summit is being
held during the Ars Electronica Festival. We are currently recruiting
motivated participants who want to join this Mission of Tomorrow.

What is the Future Innovators Summit (FIS)?

FIS is a creative system designed to engender ideas and prototypes for
the future. Experts, outstanding artists, designers, scientists and
visionary thinkers from all over the world will convene for four days
during the festival to discuss ideas and formulate creative questions
having to do with three main themes: Future Humanity Future Work
Future Home Last year’s Summit brought 24 Future Innovators from
throughout the world to POSTCITY, our extraordinary festival location
in Linz, Austria, where they engaged in creativity-enhancing
encounters with Future Humanity, Future Education and Future Commons.
To find out exactly what that means, check out the check out the
teaser and/or the complete documentary of last year’s festival.

Maybe we’re looking for YOU! This open call targets leading-edge
thinkers who have creative ideas and projects (in development,
work-in-progress, recently completed) that are relevant to the main
themes of FIS 2017.

Interested? Apply now to take part in the FUTURE INNOVATORS SUMMIT at
the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival! For detailed info about the
requirements, go to

Application deadline: July 17, 2017

Read more in our current Blog interview with Future Innovators Summit
project director Hideaki Ogawa.

Future Innovators Summit

(call) Capitaine futur: Thinking & tinkering with art & technology (20170815)

marie from kikk writes:


KIKK Festival, Gaîté
Lyrique, Cinekid and the Woelab present Les Voyages de Capitaine

This European cooperation project features Capitaine futur, an
imaginary character whose unifying journeys inspire children to
discover present-day art and learn about new media.

OPEN CALL We are launching an open call for the creation of 3 media
artworks. The 3 selected projects will be presented in 2018 and 2019
at the several international events, venues and festivals hosted by
the partners.

– Open to every artists whose practise stands between art & technology
– Open to artists from all countries
– Open to artists from all countries
– Theme: “Supernatural: stories of worlds to come”
– Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2017 at midnight
– Production budget : 15.000 € / project Spread the word and feel free to share the open call to your communities. Follow Capitaine
futur on Facebook and Twitter

Send your application

(call) warehouse / open call#2 for digital residencies (20170620)

vincent brinkmann writes:

Hej Dennis, vielleicht interessant für DM Studenten. Beste Grüße Vincent

AN ETHNOGRAPHY ON STRATEGIES OF DIGITAL FRICTION Reality is organized in discrete units. We are trapped in filter bubbles,

surrounded by comfort and uniformity – “digital islands of isolation
that are drifting further apart each day.” In other words, seamless
surfaces are stacked on top of each other, engaging us in the cosy
architecture of Gated Communities. Personalized interfaces endure into
homophily – we are encircled with more of the same. Comfortable
exclusions of the Other touch upon an easy space of segregation.
warehouse is a curatorial project researching into artistic and
scientific strategies of digital friction. The aim is to research into
a condition of homophily to provide solutions: warehouse configures
ethnographic categories [pray], [soft-fiction], [entropy], [adobe],
[home], [stranded]: a geometry to map a new normal; a topography for
overcoming segregation. How may friction look like in times of total
seamlessness? For 5 month warehouse will go on an ethnographic field
trip by collecting, archiving and distributing scientific and artistic
data around modes of digital resistance. We will seek models of
friction, local utopias and distributive infiltrations.



warehouse announces three calls for a »Digital Residency«. For each
call two persons or collectives will be selected for a four-week
Digital Residency which is rewarded with 650 € to support the
realization of a project during this time. In August there will be a
free workshop taking place for all the participants. The Residents are
asked to take part in the Jury for the next residency. Applicants must
not exceed the age of 30 years.

Format Only digital formats are accepted: websites, videos, software, presentation slides, videos, writing, social media projects

(on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).

Jury Inke Arns, director of Hartware MedienKunstVerein Anna Fricke, curator for contemporary art at Museum Folkwang Participants

of the first residency.

Application Submit your project proposal in the form of: – a headline – a concept in English (1000-1500 characters incl. spaces) –

a time table of the project – a header image (high resolution,
landscape format, i.e. 1500x1125px) – a short bio in English (500
characters incl. spaces) – a portfolio PDF (images, text, links,


  • Application period: 06.06. – 20.06.2017
  • Jury selection: 23.06.2017
  • Digital Residency: 01.07. – 01.08.2017 (4 weeks)


Please use our form to upload your application web:
warehouse is a project of super_filme e.V. and flatness. Sponsored by
the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Ministry of Culture.

(call) Wettbewerb Ladeneinheit citylab (2017-06-09)

CityInitiative Bremen Werbung e.V. writes:

Die Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen hat einen Wettbewerb ins Leben
gerufen, bei dem es eine Ladenfläche im citylab zu gewinnen gibt. Die
Gewinnerin/ der Gewinner bekommt sechs Monate Mietfreiheit für eine
Ladeneinheit mit ca. 38 m² Verkaufsfläche im Innenbereich des
citylabs. Darüber hinaus erhält der Gewinner von der CityInitiative
Bremen Werbung e.V. eine kostenloste Mitgliedschaft für die Jahre
2017/2018, einen kostenfreien Eintrag im CityGuide, auf der
Internetseite sowie eine Darstellung im Magazin mittendrin.

Können Sie sich eine kreative Nutzung von 38m² vorstellen und haben
eine spannende Idee für ein Kulturangebot mitten in der Innenstadt im
Kopf? Die Anmeldung sowie eine Beschreibung des Konzepts müssen bis
zum 9. Juni 2017 bei der Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen eingereicht
werden. Das Anmeldeformular sowie alle weiteren Infos zum Wettbewerb
finden Sie unter dem folgenden Link:

CityInitiative Bremen Werbung e.V.

i. A. Annika Mysegades

Hutfilterstraße 16-18

28195 Bremen

(call) Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2017 (2017-07-25)

Rat für Formgebung writes:

Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2017

Der Rat für Formgebung ist Partner des Projekts Taiwan International
Student Design Competition (TISDC).

Der internationale Designwettbewerb fördert Designstudierende und
Nachwuchsdesigner weltweit mit Preisgeldern in Höhe von insgesamt
160.000 US Dollar.

Zum diesjährigen Leitmotiv “Opportunity” können Bewerber noch bis zum
25. Juli 2017 ihre Arbeiten aus den Bereichen Produktdesign, Visuelle Kommunikation, Digitale Animation und Branding einreichen.

Bitte leiten Sie die beigefügte Ausschreibung an Ihre Studenten

Weitere Informationen unter

(call) V&A Data Vis Residency (20170707)

Flight Patterns, 2005 – 2009, Aaron Koblin

V&A writes:

The Victoria & Albert Museum Research Institute (VARI) is inviting
nominations and applications for a yearlong embedded residency at the
Museum for practitioners working with data as their medium. The
appointed resident will be based at the V&A South Kensington’s
Research Department on a part-time basis between October 2017 and
October 2018.

The V&A holds considerable quantities of data and of information about
its collection objects, and digital infrastructures increasingly form
the connective tissue between objects, information, curators and
visitors – both in house and online. Artists working in code and as
developers are producing artworks, experiences and events with museum
data, creating visualisations, systems and software design, hackathons
and more by employing and repurposing digital tools and languages such
as (but not limited to) JavaScript, algorithms, GIS, text/image mining
and semantics.

Working with the multiple layers of collections information held in
the V&A Museum, we would like the VARI Embedded Resident to make
data-focused works that propose new points of entry, navigation and
engagement with both collections and the information that we hold
about them, eliciting meaningful forms of participation both onsite
and offsite, and by the widest range of possible publics.

For full details on eligibility criteria and the application process:

Deadline for applications: 7 July 2017

Interview date: 20 July 2017