(exhibition+lecture+performance) EMAF INIT

From 26.04 until 30.04, the EMAF Media Campus INIT (part of the European Media Art Festival) will take place in Osnabrück, featuring in its exhibition the works of the Digital Media students Annika Engelhardt, Bojana Petkovic, Julian Hespenheide, Kevin Mendzies, and Luiz Zanotello.

On 29.04 the event will also hold an Open Stage session, with lectures from the students/alumni David Beermann, Irena Kukric, Lulu Mendelova, Maria Eugênia Araujo, and Timo Johannes; as well as a joint music performance with the student group Christine Brovkina, Dustin Scherman, Felix Fisgus, Keno Westhoff, Kevin Mendzies and Lukas Leck.

Come join us!

EMAF Media Campus INIT
Opening 26. April 2017 at 21:30
27.–30.04.2017, from 14:00
Gallery “hase29”, Hasestr. 29, Osnabrück

Open Stage – Vortragsreihe
29.04.2017, 16:30
Gallery “hase29”, Hasestr. 29, Osnabrück

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