(job offer / PhD positions) at UNI Weimar

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterstelle HCI (offizielle Ausschreibung ab 1 Oktober 2017, Bewerbungsfrist Ende Oktober / application deadline end of October)

We are looking for somebody to join our team as ‘Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in)’ (with the opportunity to do a PhD/Doctorate). The position is for 3 years initially (starting ideally on March 1st 2017, or April 1st) and can be extended. The formal advert will appear in early October here:


The position involves teaching and student supervision duties in our (German language) Media-Informatics bachelor and our (English-taught international) Master programs in ‘Computer Science for Digital Media’ and Human-Computer Interaction’. Moreover, you will support our research, which usually is in the area of tangible and embodied interaction, do your own original individual research, and support the general organisation of our research group.

We are looking for somebody with a master degree in Medieninformatik, HCI, Digital Media, Interaction Design or related areas. You need to speak German, good English, have at least a basic Computer Science background and experience in programming. We are looking for somebody who is enthusiastic about physical computing (electronics prototyping with Arduino etc) and/or 3D printing, and would enjoy managing our Interface-Development Lab (electronics prototyping and 3D printers). Ideally you are interested in collaborating with arts and design, as our teaching often is interdisciplinary in mixed groups of students. You should be interested in understanding and working with people, and have some knowledge of HCI research methods, user-centered design or interaction design.

You would have the opportunity to work with our research group and lab, to interact and collaborate with other highly-qualified researchers in the field of Media and HCI as well as arts and design, to work with highly motivated bachelor and master students, where you can define projects for them to tackle, and to live in beautiful Weimar. You will be able to define your PhD topic (in negotiation with Prof. Hornecker) and to structure parts of your teaching duties (student group projects and final theses) around this.

The HCI group consists of Professor Eva Hornecker and two PhD students (one of them being you), plus currently 2 staff members on a funded project and several external collaborators/students (see https://www.uni-weimar.de/de/medien/professuren/medieninformatik/human-computer-interaction/personen/). Our research currently largely deals with tangible and embodied interaction, that is tangible interfaces, gestural interaction, and more specifically, e-textiles and wearables, public installations and performance, interactive museum installations, learning environments, and user studies within this overall design/application space.

Please note this is an 80% part-time contract (with the option to top up to 90 or 100% in case further funding can be acquired)




Professor Eva Hornecker (Dr. / PhD) / Lehrstuhl Human-Computer Interaction

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Fak. Medien / Bauhausstraße 11 / D-99423 Weimar / Germany / Tel. 00 49 3643 58 3887

eva@ehornecker.de / eva.hornecker@uni-weimar.de / http://www.ehornecker.de / http://www.uni-weimar.de/medien/hci