Workshop with Gijs Gieskes

Building audiovisual objects from old electronic devices and connecting them together to form a network that responds to itself by using simple electronic circuits.

  • DM.B-MA-2 + DM-M-MA-2 (Advanced Topics in Digital Media)
  • workshop in english language for BA/MA students
  • period: 5th to 9th august 2019
  • room 2.11.100 / HfK Bremen speicher XI 8

Gijs Gieskesis a industrial designer from the Netherlands specializing in the design of electronic devices (DIY, hacking, circuit bending) for audiovisual use. He does workshops, exhibitions, concerts with his machines and instruments. ( )

Gijs writes: The idea is to make objects that look and sound nice individually, and can form a group of objects that respond to each other in a simple way. they have a input and a output, or multiple inputs and outputs. the inputs and outputs can be connected to itself but also to other objects so they form a chain of reactions.

register by sending a mail to r.baecker @ (max. 15 participants; currently 5 registrations; 10 spots left)