HfK Workshops + Labs Guide

Digital Media / HfK Workshops + Labs Guide

For most of the machines at the workshops you need an introduction before you are allowed to start. Talk to the responsible person before you start working please.

Laser Cutter

3D Printing


2D Prints

Physical Computing Library ( PCL )

  • online catalog of components: http://physicalcomputinglibrary.digitalemedien-bremen.de
  • To borrow and test sensors, electronical parts etcetera contact: Timo TimoJan.Johannes@hfk-bremen.de

Physical Computing Lab

CNC mill (physical computing lab)


Interaction Lab

Electronics + Soldering

Audio Lab

  • Contact: Jukka Böhm j.boehm@hfk-bremen.de
  • Availability: http://bit.ly/audiolab
  • Ask Jukka for an introduction, than you can use the lab by yourself (key card available at the front desk if you are assigend in the calendar)

Wood workshop / Modellbauwerkstatt

Metal workshop

Silk-Screen Printing / Lithography



Embroidery, knitting and sewing machines ( and rumor has that there is also a digital knitting machine TBC )

Zentrale Ausleihe

  • borrow all kinds of stuff like cameras, tripods, microphones, field recorders, cables, adapters…
  • opening hours: monday to friday morning
  • Contact: Christian Meyer christian.meyer@hfk-bremen.de


  • machines: risograph, cutting plotter, folding machine
  • Organised by Simon Barth, Viktoria Diez, Franziska Bauer, (past Lennart Klein) druckerpool@hfk-bremen.de
  • druckerpool.hfk-bremen.de
  • Opening hours: Mo 10-12 Uhr, Tue 14-16 Uhr + on appointment (Google Calendar, not in use?)


we have an excellent, well assorted library on level 4. if you can not find what you are looking for, the librarian might be willing to purchase the missing book ( even if it is out of print he has his ways of acquiring such copies ).


software development

Apple Developer Account (Certification, Profiles and Deployment): Team “University of the Arts (Digital Media)”, ID: 5CU9CKZMZL

Contact Nuri no@hfk-bremen.de or Jelko jarnds@hfk-bremen.de to get access.

And don’t forget

  • Photo
  • Animation
  • 16mm film
  • 2D + 3D workspaces
  • Scultping