How To: Access the calendar

Subscribe to ics, with iOS, Android, Google Calendar, … (read-only)

  1. subscribe to “studio”
  2. subscribe to “study”
  3. subscribe to “bremen”
  4. subscribe to “elsewhere”

Sync with Mac calendar through HfK Exchange/Outlook (read & write)

The calendars are hosted on the HfK exchange server. Read only access is public. To add events you must log in with your ARTIST / HfK Account.

Add to your macOS Calendar App

Add your exchange account to the accounts under preferences. Use your hfk-login.

Make sure that contacts are also synced, you won’t find the calendar otherwise.

With your account selected switch to the Delegation tab. Double click in the empty list and type in “studio-dm“. The calendar pops up and can be added to the list.

You should see the Calendar with Read-/Write-Access.

Refresh your Calendar app. You will see the Folder Studio Digitale Medien and its four subfolders Kalender, study, bremen and elsewhere. Kalender contains essential events like meetups whilst study shows events of the studies programme (StuKo and similar). bremen serves more as an overview for interesting events inside and outside the hfk. elsewhere serves as an overview of festivals and similar stuff, Kalendar is part of the Exchange system and can’t be renamed. Sorry. All can be toggled to your interests.

Permission setup (for admins)

For each calendar one must add “Digitale Medien / LEHRENDE” und “Digitale Medien / STUDIERENDE” as Editors to allow read and write access via Exchange.

or via Mac OS iCal with Exchange for the calendar/studio account setup:

For public/web access enable sharing via the Outlook website for each calendar: