Digital Media students have two studios at HfK in room 3_09.060 (BA) und 3_09.100 (MA).

The students working in the studios (sometimes called the inhabitants) are a loose and open collective of people, that first of all need a space to work on projects, and secondly like to learn from each other, spend a little time + space together. (With all seriousness: This is the space, where some of us have learned most of the fantastic things they can do.) The studios are by definition open and available for all digital media students.

Wanna join the studios?

  1. If you want to join the Studio, come to the next meetup (currently Tuesdays at 18:00, bi-weekly) say hello and be in the studio! That is the most important step. No online-sign up, no hassle. Everyone would like to get to know you person.
  2. Claim a free desk and make it yours. If there is seriously no space left at all, we will find a solution. We always found one.
  3. Ask the spokespersons to get a new keycard / access permissions on an existing card, join the mailing list and #studio on Slack. Sign into “inhabitants” list for the keycard, and you are good to go.

Everybody in the studio is here to help you get started. If anything is questionable, bring it up in the meetup or ask the spokespersons.

And now: Welcome! Nice to have you.

To access the studios you need a keycard. If you don’t have one yet, we will get you one from the “Hausverwaltung” (Dezernat 4) / facility management. If you have one already for some other rooms, please tell us the keycard number, which is written on your card.

We do store a list of people having access to the studios with their keycard.

Now you are in, and now?

Again: Be sure to be on the mailing list and #studio and “inhabitants” list. (Otherwise your keycard will expire next semester).

Once you have a seat, mark it with your name, mobile phone, and email. This is the only record/assignment we do. (It is a physical person to table mapping, if you will. We put some thought into it and have reasons to do it this way.) You can use the tape flying around in the studio or whatever you want. Just make sure it is clear which table is meant and well readable.


communication with all inhabitants


in progress (Dustin)


We try to have a regular studio meetup. Some talk about projects, some about art, philosophy or gifs. Also it is a good place to talk about studio related things as well. To question everything. To change how things work as well.


  • lockers: you can have a locker in one of the rooms. Currently managed by: Timo Johannes.
  • LAN: in progress
  • WLAN: geheim (3_09.100) and Unicorn (3_09.060)
  • projector: ACER XXX with Chromecast or HDMI in 3_09.060
  • student server: (ask Keno about it)
  • storage room (old server room): a place to store finished project – for 1 year max! – more info to come
  • printer: HP LaserJet 2200 (black and white, laser, no duplex) socket://


  1. A set of tongs, pincers, pliers and nippers
  2. A standing drill press! Don’t use it yet, it still needs fixing to the desk! Plus a set of drills
  3. A set of socket spanners (171 Parts)
  4. A vacuum
  5. A stationary Saw
  6. A workbench
  7. A new sorting system for materials
  8. A set of files
  9. A Dremel

An important remark by Timo: We marked everything with a blue marker. Feel free to use it, but please, put everything back in its place after you are finished. Like seriously. If you break something or lose something get a replacement or write a mail to the studio speakers. Be honest. That is the only way this will work!

spokesperson / contact / dispute

We have two spokespersons, at best one for each studio, that help to organize the studio. It is their (paid) job to help welcoming new students to the studio, introduce the studio at the semester opening, give out keycards, have an eye on desk usage and communicate studio needs to the administration and programme committee (StuKo). Two inhabitants are elected every year for this role. (Have a look at a detailed job description.)

contact (and administrative data storage for keycards + things):

  • 2019/2020 (starting 1st June 2018): Vivian + Shorouk
  • ~~2018/2019 (starting 1st June 2018): Vivian + Jelko~~

teacher responsible for the studio and contact for the spokespersons: Dennis P Paul.