With the laser (60W, CO2) you can cut and engrave wood, carton and Plexi. Max size is 630 X 11030 mm and ~5mm thick. A lot of materials like FOREX, PVC, PS, PC, ABS, materials containing Teflon, Nylon… produce a toxic fume. Contact the tutors first.

  • Come with Adobe Illustrator CS4(!) file.
  • Line width: 0.001pt
  • Line color cut: 255,0,0 (RGB)
  • Line color engrave: 0,0,0 (RGB), engravings as Illustrator fillings without contour

Responsible tutor or GetIn to get an appointment.

It is possible to join an introduction to the machine if you plan to use the machine frequently. If you passed the introduction, you can borrow a key at the reception.

  • [Ground Rules][1]
  • [Laser Cutter + Ultimaker Calendar][2]