(A00) Application Paragraph


it is a pleasure to see that so many of you students are interested in the topic and in this class. unfortunately there is a maximum reasonable number of students for this class. thus, i need to limit the number of participants.

in order to do this in a sensible and fair way, i need to ask you to write a paragraph on why you want to be part of this class. please send said paragraph ( approx 256 words ) until tonight (FRI 2021-10-15 18:00) answering the following question:

  • who are you ( name, university, semester )?
  • what interests you in the topic of this class?
  • what can you contribute to the class?
  • are there any special circumstances that require you to take this class?

please send the paragraph to my mailbox dennis.paul@hfk-bremen.de until (FRI 2021-10-15 18:00). late entries cannot be accept. i will get back to you with the results early next week.


in this class we will concern ourselves with the portfolio ( aka the Mappe ).

an artistic/design portfolio is usually comprised of a collection of documentations of works, thus this class will be concerned with the portfolio as much as it is with the documentation of individual works and projects.

we will start by looking at other artists and designers portfolios, discuss current methods and formats of portfolio presentations as well as methods and formats of how to present works + projects, only to then direct our attention to your portfolios and works + projects documentations.

apart from participating vividly in discussions in the class, you will also be asked to reflect on your current portfolio, as well as redesign it or produce or improve 2–3 documentations of your own already exisiting works or projects.