Location for Finalization

we aim to do something in an off location ( e.g The Woods, The Patch or The Launderette ( just found that word ūüėČ ) ) ‚Ķ participation at HST2023 is optional and decided ad hoc.

(A01) Recherche

start doing your recherche … collect, sort, order, archive, reflect, repeat. present your findings and insight next session S004(20230511) in an interesting way.

please also consider these documents:

feel free to share your findings and insight before the session during the week in the slack channel.


- Electroplankton
- GameBoy
- Pocket Operators
- Synced by Airwaves
- Mycelium Choir
- USB Powerbank
- Can muscial instruments be research instruments?
- *Critical Instruments*
- The Woods
- Klangstrom
- Bluetooth Speakers
- Critical Making
- Frogs

If You See This in Your Neighborhood

Aus folgender Reihe von Themen waehlt Ihr etwas aus und entwickelt daraus¬† ein¬†Interface, ein Produkt, eine mediale Arbeit, ein Experiment, …¬†

  • Entwicklung spezifischer, detaillierter Interaktionen zu Aspekten wie z.B. Scrolling, Typing, Swiping,¬†Zooming, kontextuelle Funktionen und Aktionen bei Touch-GUIs o.a.¬† Face recognition

  • Online Rating-Systeme

  • Augmented Reality

  • Face recognition

  • EEG

  • Eye tracking

  • Sprachsteuerung

  • GPS

  • Alternative Eingabem√∂glichkeiten

  • Log In

  • Metatext ##

  • non linear storytelling