wearable lights – el-lights

El-lights are an easy way, to bring lights on clothes.

Some of the following links show you, what they are doing, how to use or how company are useing them:

http://el-light.de/ (german side – company, where you can buy them and also find instructions how to use them)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroluminescence (english – wiki – what are el-lights?)

http://www.surelight.com/ (english – professional use – a company, which sells el-lights and everything around this. Here you find also products, like you can see below)

EL_WIRE_GIFTS_TOYS_9 EL_WIRE_GIFTS_TOYS_2 EL_WIRE_GIFTS_TOYS_4 surelight_children_safety_garments_wire



Hey nadine, really cool idea, you can even cut the el-foil to whatever shape you want. An alternative might be to engrave a pattern into normal overhead-slides and illuminate them from the sides using leds – that way you should get a similar effect without having to worry about insulation of 100V and you can even sew the material.

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