Initial research

To start, I did an initial and basic research about smart clothes and fabrics.
Then, after the discussion in class, I did some more research on the technical aspects, to see what’s available and try to combine the technologies into one or more interesting things.

First, the several times mentioned throat microphone. I think it is a good idea, depending on how close to the throat, we could integrate it in different ways. In addition to use such microphone to make phone calls the possibility of using speech recognition was mentioned. I have experience on speech recognition applications, and my suggestion would be to try several microphones exhaustively in different scenarios, identify the pros and cons of each of them and choose one or two. In my experience with normal microphones expensive doesn’t always mean better.

I have seen many people reading or writing messages using their smartphone while they ride their bike, this is quite dangerous. A guy who lives in my flat once fell and he was badly hurt, for example. As a proposal, I think it would be interesting to aim for an application which identifies an incoming message and asks the bike rider if he/she wants to hear the message (yes or no), then the answer is picked up via speech recognition and finally the message is “read” through text to speech.






I don’t remember if this one was shown by Florian but in case it was not I think it is a very good option to control any lights/leds that we want to integrate.

Lilypad Arduino – 22






I like your idea about the app reading sms or something like that. There are some kind of those apps, so maybe it is nice to have a look at them: For iphone it is siri, for android jeannie or vlingo and other. I’m not sure, but I think android already have a nice speech-controling installed in the later versions. Maybe, you don’t need to make your own app, if an app of your idea already excites and you can concentrate on other part of your idea like the headphones.

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