Headset: First research

Body storming: I started my research with a body storming. I ride my bike very often, that means if it is possible i try to reach every destination by bike (work, university, friends …). One of the main results (beside the messed up hairstyle) of the body storming where trouble with the headset.


The headset:

  • does not fit exactly into my ear and I lose it from time to time, especially when I turn my head to observe the surrounding road-user.
  • either it is just in one ear or I cannot hear the environment
  • I cannot see who is calling me
  • I cannot dial a number or select a specific song without take out the phone
  • Annoying noises when I have strong headwind

Solution ideas:

  • Integrate a (Bluetooth) headset into a helmet
  • Integrate a simple display and keyboard into gloves


Further research: Existing solutions like them bicycle helmet with headset 1 or bicycle helmet with headset 2 do not look nice and less useful for listening to music while riding the bike.

The mini speaker which are explained here Mini speaker in helmet are quite good so far for listening to music but are not useful for calls because others can listen.

And what about the energy? A wireless connection needs energy. One possibility are batteries, but they have to be recharged after a while. So maybe one can use other solution? One solution could be solar, but it does not work during the night. Maybe one can use wind energy because while biking there is always headwind.

First concepts for that can be seen here wind helmet 1: description or wind helmet 2: graphic and there is also a first version for solar helmets solar helmet but I guess that can be improved (especially visually :D).

Microphone solutions are not taken into account so far, but maybe this can be combined the the research of Florian and Diego.