Cyclist communication

After the first research and discussion with Peter and the group, I decided to work on the area of integrating communications into biking clothes. The interaction with smartphones during bike rides is always a hassle – a cyclist has to either stop and take their cellphone out to take incoming calls or send messages. Headsets and hands-free accessories that are available are often effected by wind and external noise. Even if a microphone is shielded against wind noise, one still needs to remember to put on a headset and not leave it at home. When Peter put on the bike-jacket as a demonstration of velocouture, I noticed its tight-fitting collar which might be the best location to integrate a throat microphone. Together with Diego, who wants to integrate smartphone-controls with speech, I will work on a collar-integrated (throat) headset to simplify communication for cyclists.

The throat-microphone that will be used for first experiments - 24,99€