Design ideas – Cyclist hat

After last week’s feedback by Peter, I thought about designing a hat/cap for cyclists.

I aim to design a hat serves as a turn signal and brake light. For this, LED lights of two different colors to pass the information seem to be right. For example, white for turn signals and red for brake light. Wires can move through the inside of the hat and connect to the LED lights.


Positioning hardware in the hat is an issue, so I thought about using the part where the sunshield is usually added on regular caps.


The other comment was to take the product to a level where it is so funny or stupid that it is attractive. So i thought of this sun-shield as a beak of a bird, and so the hat can look like a bird face.


The biggest issue is how to trigger the lights due to the cyclist’s actions. Having sensors on the handle to detect rotation or position of the brake handles is a choice. Or at a basic level wireless buttons on the handle or the hat is an alternative. This issue is still developing.