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Rescherce: Leitermaterial

A. Schuheinlagen



  • 5 mm dünner- Schaum und Stoffe am unteren und oberen Flächen.
  • benötigt mit 1,5 V (3 Batterien Typ Mignon AA) Kabel und Faser als Leitermaterial
  • Das Kabel und Faser werden zwischen dem Schaum und Stoff geklebt.

Die Anwendung: werden in den Schuhe gelegt und das Batterriengehäuse jede am Knöchel rumgebunden.

B. Wärmebeutel

Produktbild SD-66 Produktbild SD-66

  • Wasser mit Sodium acetate in einem Beutel
  • Sodium acetate ist sehr löslich im Wasser und nicht giftig.
  • Es wird wieder im 58 – 100 Grad heisses Wasser zerlassen, oder wieder vollständig verflüßigt hat.
  • Der Wärme halt bis 50 – 60 Minuten, bis es gehärtet .bzw vollständig kristallisiert hat.

Die Anwendung: Ein Metallplättchen im Beutel wird ein- oder zweimal geknickt, damit die Flüssigkeit kristallisiert und wärmt.

C. Kohle-Taschenwärmer

  • einmalig
  • mit Kohle einwirkt 1-7 Stunden hält die Wärme gut beim minus Graden.
  • Es blühnt von über 80 Grad.


D. Akku-Taschenwärmer

  • mit USB-Kabel aufgeladen 1-3 Stunden hält die Wärme die Heizleistung liegt mit 41 Grad.



A. ‘Handschuh’ wird mit der Batterie verbindet, die mit USB-Kabel auflädt.

Der Handschuh muss nicht vollständig als ‘Handschuhe’ sein, aber es könnte noch die Wärme an den Hand gut verteilen.

Scan 13 Scan 17

Scan 18

B. die Wärme kommt aus der Reibung vor, wenn sie sich reiben oder drehen.

ich möchte das zwischen Hand und Lenker verbinden, um die Wärme zu produzieren. Es soll nur beim Fahradfahren nutzbar sein.

Scan 14

Nächste Schritte:

  • welches Material, das gut heizen kann?
  • wie wird die Wärme kontrolliert?
  • Welcher Stoff, der dünn, komfort ist und den kalte Wind isolieren kann?

Haptic Feedback

turnSetUp some potential feedback interactions for turning, direction and stopping

…. some peer reviewed resources on haptic feedback and navigation


-applying forces, vibrations and/or motions to a haptic enabled device
– memory recall tests – humans require spatial studies in order to navigate their environment: a mental representation of that environment and the ability to determine a route
– navigation requires location, distance and orientation
– a user’s interaction with their environment must always be paramount to user’s interaction with navigation system – egocentric or allocentric spatial strategies (user or environment)
– systems that define shortest routes as opposed to pre-programmed routes
– different vibration sequences used to indicate distance to targeted way points
– they work without visual aids and with distractions
– afford greater interaction with the environment

Fishing Line Artificial Muscle

Research Shoot -1624

research conducted into the potential of tightly coiled fishing line to haul weight and act as an artificial muscle upon the application of external energy

tension difference when heat applied to coiled fishing line

]3 tension difference when heat applied to coiled fishing line

… IDEA: fishing line coils could be women into other wearable material to provide contraction feedback in navigation system and thus no need for application of external devices + more stream lined

… Tightly coiled fishing line interwoven into other natural fibres (video documentation)

… How to heat the actuators using metal coating and electricity

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20140514_181344 (1)

Design ideas – Cyclist hat

After last week’s feedback by Peter, I thought about designing a hat/cap for cyclists.

I aim to design a hat serves as a turn signal and brake light. For this, LED lights of two different colors to pass the information seem to be right. For example, white for turn signals and red for brake light. Wires can move through the inside of the hat and connect to the LED lights.


Positioning hardware in the hat is an issue, so I thought about using the part where the sunshield is usually added on regular caps.


The other comment was to take the product to a level where it is so funny or stupid that it is attractive. So i thought of this sun-shield as a beak of a bird, and so the hat can look like a bird face.


The biggest issue is how to trigger the lights due to the cyclist’s actions. Having sensors on the handle to detect rotation or position of the brake handles is a choice. Or at a basic level wireless buttons on the handle or the hat is an alternative. This issue is still developing.

Cyclist communication

After the first research and discussion with Peter and the group, I decided to work on the area of integrating communications into biking clothes. The interaction with smartphones during bike rides is always a hassle – a cyclist has to either stop and take their cellphone out to take incoming calls or send messages. Headsets and hands-free accessories that are available are often effected by wind and external noise. Even if a microphone is shielded against wind noise, one still needs to remember to put on a headset and not leave it at home. When Peter put on the bike-jacket as a demonstration of velocouture, I noticed its tight-fitting collar which might be the best location to integrate a throat microphone. Together with Diego, who wants to integrate smartphone-controls with speech, I will work on a collar-integrated (throat) headset to simplify communication for cyclists.

The throat-microphone that will be used for first experiments - 24,99€



Neck & Shoulder Pain From Cycling: A Closer Look


AB109007P Motorcycle back protector


8aabfdb600d992874f47c22861b24bf1 LP Orthopedic Back Posture Aid Brace




Phillips BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch




tumblr_l05t93xpwD1qa2nzso1_1280 Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov


ba20e32a97ba69159458dde8ea92b9c7 Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae