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Starting my research on what has been done and wich problems have been solved (in a good or bad way) was intresting to see how big market is. I didn´t focus on clothing because some “onboard” solutions could be intresting by integrate them in the everyday wardrobe.

ESTHETE jacket. The jacked has fife red LED´s in the back. Two white in the front. Lithium Polymer battery brovide 20h of operation time. 449€.

360 degree super flare biycle lamp Liughts with a kind of silikon strap on. Batterie powered (technical data n.a.). They try to sell it as a savety device. Lights constantly over 400m. 75.75$

enter image description here

Sporty Supaheroe Jacket 01 Also a cycling jacket with LED`s, rechargeable batterys and flexible contacts. Price n.a.

enter image description here

ALIGHT bicycle safety device A retractable lighting. It´s attaches to the rear seat of a bicycle ans is made out of stretchable electronics and a retractor mechanism. When you are breaking it will turn red when braking and flash yellow when turning left or right. Price n.a.

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Pulse is a new urban bike concept Bicycle with luminating parts as electric turn signals controlled from the handlebars and a luminescent frame that lights up when you need it. Price n.a.

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mo is a mobility system mo proviedes bikes, cargobikes, ebikes and cars rentals. Mo collects miles. The more momiles the lower the bill. For instance if you mostly ride bikes, renting a car gets cheaper. Cycle and save money. Mo can be also used on your personal bike.

bike safty light concepts A wooden bikecarrier with LED´s.

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ligthlane is a saftydevice Lightlane projekt al bike lane. The device is a LED lamp with build in lasers. The batterie last for about tree houres an can be charged with Mini USB. A producycopy is available at

enter image description here A bicycle helmet with a torch The helmet got 10 integrated LED lights (up to 12 hrs run time). Rechargeable batteries (1.5 hrs recharge time with included USB cable). 4 different light functions, including flash. It coast about 100€.