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Peter will be late today!

Hi All,

I’m sorry, unfortunately my car got a flat tire on the way to bremen. Right now I am waiting to get it fixed – but I have no idea how long it will take.I’ll try to be there by 15:00. For those who need to see me, pls wait, everyone else is free to work elsewhere.

Sorry about this ūüôĀ


Post your own personal detailed work plan for the remaining sessions here!

  • June 09th: German Holiday: No Class!
  • June 16th: 1on1 Consultation
  • June 23rd: 1on1 Consultation
  • June 30th: 1on1 Consultation
  • July 07th: 10 – 15 min presentation of your final design, including your process
  • Oct 06th (first day of classes at HfK): Submit a documentation of your design, for instance a series of photos or better a video of approx. 3 minutes, that describes and/or shows off the functional and aesthetic qualities of your design.
    You will be asked to upload your documentation to a Dropbox file and post a link here, with some explanations if needed.

Peter is not there today! (May 19. 2014)

Hi All,

unfortunately I can not attend today. An external project that threatens to go belly-up is keeping me glued to the phone / computer.

That means the 14:00-group is on its own today. Use the time to work on your projects!
Please post your work, if you haven’t already done so, I will give feedback / comments online asap.

At 16:00 Ursula will be there. She is planing to do a drawing exercise. Make sure to bring pens and paper! The 14:00-group is welcome to attend, as always.

Thanks for your understanding,

For Next Week:

  • Continue your research, and/or become more specific, if you are beginning to focus on a certain area.
  • Post everything here, including links, media etc. Each item must have a¬†brief descriptions, that states what is relevant to you!
  • If you need to upload larger files, please use Dropbox or similar and post a link here.
  • Use any language you like, as long as it English or German.