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We neeeeed heeeeeelp!!!

I write this post in German, ’cause it’s addressed to those of us from the fashion department.

Also, liebe Modesch√∂pfenden… Anna und ich sind mit den Entw√ľrfen f√ľr unsere Jacken mit integriertem Blinker soweit fertig. Bei mir geht’s in Richtung Biker (Motorradjacke) aus festem Baumwollstoff und bei Anna um einen Bolero aus Jersey (√§hnlich dem, am Ende ihres letzten Posts). Die Schnittmuster sind vorhanden und wir w√ľrden Hilfe bei der Umsetzung des ganzen in Nessel ben√∂tigen! Wer von euch h√§tte Lust und ein wenig Zeit uns zu helfen? Ich habe immer freitags (also auch morgen) und dienstags ganzt√§gig Zeit und Anna ist ziemlich flexibel (sag ich jetzt mal so)! W√§ren f√ľr eure Hilfe echt dankbar…

Die Bikerjacke ist √§hnlich dieser…

Hier der Entwurf zu dem es ein Schnittmuster gibt:
Velo Couture Jacke Entwurf

Anna’s Bolero ist √§hnlich diesem…

Wie gesagt, Hilfe von euch wäre toll!

…thoughts on how to develop the embedded turn lights

Doing research for developing a prototype Anna and me came across some different ideas, on how to regulate or operate the turn lights.

Even if it may sound stupid – MIND CONTROL!

NeuroSky – EEG sensors

We stumbled over these cute cat ears, steared by measuring attention of the bearer.


Besides this funny gadet the ompany NeuroSky offers varius stuff to measure and to work with one’s brain activity. NeuroSky Store europe

It should be possible to develop the turn lights with the NeuroSky kit and embed it maybe into a cap, or a helmet. The disatvantage might be, that one first has to learn to stear turn lights with brainwaves, but actually what this EEG measurement does, as far as we could find out, is monitoring the attention level of the bearer.

Find here a video, that shows a little bit how that works: Neurosky | Ep. 9 | HardWired ft. iJustine

Arduino (LilyPad) with L3G4200D 3-axis Gyroscope Module

Another possibility to have the turn lights controlled could be the use of a gyroscope, like we know them from ous smartphones. Embedded into a jacket, by measuring 3 axises the blinking of the turn lights could be activitated when the 3 axises are aligned within a range of certain degrees of the sleeve.


One can get the module, wich is controlabe / measurable by Arduino for example here: L3G4200D at for around 46‚ā¨.

But there are cheaper suppliers (20$) that are shipping overseas.

embedded turn signals

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves invented by Zach Vorhies can be ordered for 75$

ba392dd7a4d014af30485499852c3779_large Video Zackees Turn Signal Glove

Leah Buechly’s Turn Signal Jacket based on Arduino

FE86OEMFHPVYAZX.MEDIUM Video Turn Signal Jacket

how it is made:
what you need:
— LilyPad Arduino main board
— FTDI connector
— mini USB cable
–LilyPad power supply
— 16 LilyPad LEDs
— 2 push button switches
— a spool of 4-ply conductive thread
— a garment or a piece of fabric to work on

Both work great on their own, one for the front, the other for the back.

A combination of both could be cool.

Questions? Back lights will be covered, when carrying a backpack Necessity of lights attached/inside clothing? Better attached to the bike?