We see ourselves confronted with a world ridden with conditions of crisis. From financial meltdowns, natural and ecological disasters, and ongoing digital and physical warfare around the globe, to the now all-affecting pandemic, these instances of crisis fluidly spread across the boundaries between the social, political, and environmental, as they are embedded in the highly complex, volatile, and unpredictable network of human and non-human relations that we all inhabit.

In this seminar we want to investigate the potentials of art and design in relation to crisis, and question, improve and expand on the ways in which practices such as Interaction Design, Media Arts, Critical and Speculative Design, (political) Conceptual Art, or Socially-Engaged Art act upon (or fail to act upon) our social, political, and environmental grievances. We will specifically examine how (digital) technologies are interfacing with conditions of crisis, both in how they create and accelerate them, as well as how they can be used to understand and positively impact these very conditions.

In this seminar each student will develop and produce an individual work. Through modes of collective reading, watching, listening and writing, discussion, research and prototyping, these works will be informed by our findings as well as their personal practice and interests.

This seminar is supervised by Henrik Nieratschker + Dennis P Paul. It is offered as a combination of two M-MA-2/M-MD modules with a total of 12 CPs.

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