(invitation) stuko 056 wednesday may 9. 2018, 16:30

liebe studierende,
liebe kolleginnen und kollegen,
dear students and colleagues,

hiermit laden wir euch herzlich zur sitzung der studienkommission (stuko) digitale medien ein.

we would like to invite you to the stuko meeting.
wednesday / mittwoch, May 09. 2018, 16:30 – 18:30 Uhr

raum / room 2_11.080


  1. genehmigung der tagesordnung / approval of agenda
  2. genehmigung des protokolls stuko 055 / approval of last protocol
  3. begehung im rahmen der akkreditierung / accreditation review visit
  4. bachelor+master studios: „studio speakers“
  5. aufnahmeverfahren / application process bachelor+master, dates,
    committee members, procedures
  6. our new room situation
  7. HEC sponsorship
  8. verschiedenes / div.

mit den besten grüssen

ralf baecker + peter von maydell

(call) Wettbewerb der Kunsthalle Bremen

Die Kunsthalle Bremen und das Monopol-Magazin rufen anlässlich der Ausstellung „What is Love? Von Amor bis Tinder“ (7. Juli – 21. Oktober 2018) in der Kunsthalle Bremen einen Wettbewerb aus.

Informationen unter: http://www.whatislove.de/

Der Kunstpreis „What is Love?“ sponsored by Tinder ist jungen Künstlern zugänglich. Künstler werden aufgerufen, ihre Werke aus den Bereichen Arbeit auf Papier, Malerei, Fotografie, Video und Digitale Anwendungen einzureichen. Die Kunstwerke werden von einer Jury bestehend aus renommierten Experten gesichtet.

Ausrichter: Kunsthalle Bremen und Monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben

Sponsor: Tinder


• 1. Preis: 3000 €
• 2. Preis: 2000 €
• 3. Preis: 1000 €

Bewerbungsfrist: 8. Juli 2018

Der Gewinner wird zudem in die Ausstellung übernommen.

(invitation) stuko 055 wednesday 18. april 2018, 16:30

liebe studierende,
liebe kolleginnen und kollegen,
dear students and colleagues,

hiermit laden wir euch herzlich zur sitzung der studienkommission (stuko) digitale medien ein.
we would like to invite you to the stuko meeting.
wednesday / mittwoch, 18. april 2018, 16:30 – 18:30 Uhr
raum / room 2_11.080

  1. genehmigung der tagesordnung / approval of agenda
  2. genehmigung des protokolls stuko 054 / approval of last protocol
    (went out by email april 3rd)
  3. (neu) organisation bachelor+master studios
  4. aufnahmeverfahren / application process bachelor+master
  5. verschiedenes / div.

mit den besten grüssen
ralf baecker + peter von maydell

(call) Call to Submit your Projects of Summer Semester 2018 for the HEC Sponsorship

Dear Students and Teachers of the Bachelor and Master Digital Media Program,

Again we would like to invite you to submit projects for the upcoming round of the HEC sponsorship!

We Invite Projects to be Submitted for this Sponsorship that

  • can be individual projects ( for instance M.A. or B.A. thesis work, or 3rd semester Master Projects)
  • can be group projects
  • can be classes or courses of the summer semester 2018
  • can be of any theme or focus ( theoretical, artistic, experimental, performative, applied etc. )
  • must be HfK digital media projects or courses ( UNI students may be members of such HfK projects or courses, but they can not apply individually, nor can UNI projects or UNI courses apply )
  • must be completed no later then the end of the summer semester 2018 (September 30. 2018)

Some Background

HEC http://www.hec.de/ is a bremen based it-engineering and consulting firm, that sponsors projects and classes of the HfK DM program with up to EUR 1.500,- per semester. The money can be used for any purpose related to the selected project. HEC will not direct or influence content or form of the project. There is a framework of some brief contracts (for IP rights, among other aspects) that get signed by all participants. During the projects/classes there are usually 2 or 3 meetings or presentations where HEC is informed about the progress or results of the projects. They do like to voice their opinion and offer feedback from their particular point of view, but only to stimulate discussion and exchange. HEC hopes to gain fresh impulses, get publicity and find talent. A few people from your program have worked there, or for one of their affiliated companies.

The Selection Process

Dennis and I will pick 4 to 6 projects out of all submitted projects. Some of the criteria we base this first selection on are

  • potential quality of form and content
  • wide range of theme, content and focus within this group of 4 to 6 projects (this caters a bit to HEC)
  • necessity / need / use of the sponsorship
  • potential likelihood of completion within the semester

We also like aspects such as the use, role or particular perspective on technology within the project, inventiveness is nice but not essential, and also the sustainability (german is better here: Nachhaltigkeit) of the use of the money can be an aspect.

We then submit the selected 4 to 6 projects to the members of our Stuko for approval. Following this, they are presented to HEC. They then choose from this list a project they want to sponsor. They have chosen a wide range of topics in the past. Any good idea has a good chance.

We should have a decision by the beginning of May. Of course this is tight, as some projects may be started differently, depending on the available budget, but in the past we have seen, that many of you do not even really know what they plan to do during the semester before this point – and at least some of you already know that this call comes around this time, every semester – and hopefully it will continue for many more to come, if HEC continues their generous support.

Your Submission

  • must contain a brief description of the project / class of not more then 500 words, covering title, theme / focus, methods, motivations / questions, context, goal / outcome (or similar points, should these not apply to your project)
  • must contain a rough time plan of milestones / dates / presentations
  • must contain an estimate of how the money would be used
  • must be UPLOADED (not sent directly) for instance to ownCloud or dropbox and a link sent to dennis.paul@hfk-bremen.de and p.maydell@hfk-bremen.de
  • by April 22. 2018

We are looking looking forward to your submissions.

Dennis and Peter

(dates) Stuko DM dates, summer semester 2018

dear all,

here are the dates for the stuko DM at the hfk:

room 2_11.080

  • stuko 055 / WED / 18.04.2018 / 16:30
  • stuko 056 / WED / 09.05.2018 / 16:30
  • stuko 057 / WED / 13.06.2018 / 16:30
  • stuko 058 / WED / 11.07.2018 / 16:30

this is our most basic forum for discussions and decisions related to the Digital Media program. all DM students, bachelor and master, as well as all instructors & heads of our shops are always invited to join and voice their concerns.

see you all soon

ralf & peter

Semester Begrüssung/Opening SoSe 2018

Info-Veranstaltungen – Studiengang Digitale Medien BA/MA
zum Semesterstart – SoSe 2018

Digitale Medien
am Dienstag, 10. April 2018
Auditorium/Speicher XI

10.00h – Begrüßung durch die Dekanin oder den Prodekan und StuKo Mitglieder
10.45h – Vorstellung der Lehrangebote durch
die Lehrenden in der Reihenfolge:
1) Bachelor, Semester 1+2
2) Bachelor, Semester 3-6
3) Master, Semester 1-4
4) Interdisziplinäre Lehrveranstaltungen
5) Allgemeine Wissenschaften
13.00h – Ankündigungen
13.30h – Informel Q&A mit Lehrenden
14.00h – Ende

DM-Masters: Introduction to the HfK Workshops in English!

All Digital Media Masters at the HfK listen up: Finally there is another “Werkstattrundgang” – a “Walk through the HfK Shops”, held in English, especially for all you late arrivals, who missed this at the beginning of the winter semester – but also for anyone else, who is interested. Basically, this gives you an idea about the what, where, who, and when of all HfK shops.

  • It takes place on Feb. 27th. 2018
  • Meeting point is the main entrance lobby of Speicher XI 8
  • Be there at 8:45 am (!!)
  • Markus Walthert will take you on the tour. If you have any questions
    please contact him directly at m.walthert@hfk-bremen.de

(date on the jpg below should be 27.02.2018)

Hochschulpreis 2018 für Digitale Medien

Hochschulpreis 2018 für Digitale Medien

––––– Deutsch –––––


anlässlich der Hochschultage am 10. und 11. Februar 2018 könnt ihr Studierende der Digitalen Medien euch für den Hochschulpreis der Digitalen Medien und auch für den interdisziplinären Preis bewerben.

Zur Teilnahme müsst ihr mit eurem Projekt verschiedene Bedingungen erfüllen:

  • Das Projekt muss dauerhaft während der Hochschultage ausgestellt werden.
  • Das Projekt muss am Freitag, 09. Februar 2018, von euch persönlich präsentiert werden. Die Präsentation dauert 5 Minuten danach folgen ggf. Rückfragen/Gespräch.
  • Der Juryrundgang findet am Freitag ab 9:30 Uhr statt.
  • Es wird ein Ablaufplan erstellt werden – durch zeitliche Veränderungen muss ein Spielraum von einer Stunde vor und nach dem zugewiesenen Termin eingeplant werden. (Das heißt, dass ihr euch den ganzen Tag freihalten müsst.)
  • Das Projekt muss ab Donnerstagabend präsentationsfertig aufgebaut sein. Da ihr es einer Jury präsentiert, sollte es dafür entsprechend aufbereitet werden.

Ihr habt die Chance, von Andrea Sick und einer dreiköpfigen externen Jury bei der Eröffnungsveranstaltung am 10. Februar 2018 folgende Preise verliehen zu bekommen:

Erster Preis: 700 Euro

Zweiter Preis: 400 Euro

Dritter Preis: 200 Euro

Interdisziplinärer Preis: 300 Euro

Hochschulpreis DM HfK

Um euch für den Hochschulpreis Digitale Medien der Hochschule für Künste zu bewerben, schickt mir bitte folgende Dinge:

  • Titel des Projekts,
  • eure(n) Namen,
  • einen kurzen Beschreibungstext max. 600 Zeichen,
  • die Raumnummer,
  • Handynummer(n) und Mailadresse(n).

Bitte keine Nennung der Lehrenden.

Für diesen Preis können sich nur an der HfK eingeschriebene Studierende der Digitalen Medien bewerben.

Interdisziplinärer Preis DM Uni/HfK

Es gibt zusätzlich noch einen interdisziplinären Preis. Hier können Projekte eingereicht werden, die von Uni- und HfK-Studierenden gemeinsam entwickelt wurden.

Für die Bewerbung um diesen Preis schickt bitte ebenso Folgendes:

  • Titel des Projekts,
  • eure(n) Namen und jeweils Nennung HfK/Uni
  • einen kurzen Beschreibungstext max. 600 Zeichen,
  • die Raumnummer,
  • Handynummer(n) und Mailadresse(n).

Keine Nennung der Lehrenden, nicht bei der Bewerbung und nicht bei der Präsentation. Bachelor- und Master Thesis Arbeiten können nicht eingereicht werden.

Bewerbungsschluss ist Montag, der 05. Februar 2018.

Eure Bewerbung schickt ihr einfach an mich: kgedrat@hfk-bremen.de.

Wir freuen uns auf eure Projekte. 🙂

––––– English –––––


as part of the Hochschultage on 10th and 11th February 2018, you can apply with your projects for the digital media HfK award and also for the Uni/HfK interdisciplinary award.

In order to participate with your project you need to fulfill certain requirements:

  • The project needs to be exhibited during the Hochschultage permanently.
  • The project needs to be presented by yourselves on Friday, 9th of February 2018. You have 5 minutes for the presentation, then followed by questions/discussion.
  • The jury tour starts on Friday at 9:30 am. There will be a schedule – due to possible schedule changes you have to be present one hour before and after your assigned time. (You should be free all day.)
  • On Thursday evening the project needs to be prepared. Since you are going to present it to a jury, it should be set up accordingly.

You have the chance to be awarded the following prizes at the opening on 10th of February 2018 by Andrea Sick and three external judges:

First Prize: 700 Euro

Second Prize: 400 Euro

Third Prize: 200 Euro

Interdisciplinary Prize: 300 Euro

HfK award

To apply for the digital media award of the University of the Arts, please send me the following information:

  • the title of the project,
  • your name(s)
  • phone number(s) and mail address(es)
  • the room number
  • a short description – max. 600 characters.

Please do not mention your lecturers.

Interdisciplinary award Uni/HfK

There also is an interdisciplinary award. Here you can submit projects that have been developed by Uni and HfK students together.

To apply for this award please send the following information:

  • the title of the project,
  • your name(s), and information who is enrolled at HfK/Uni
  • phone number(s) and mail address(es)
  • the room number
  • a short description of the work – max. 600 characters.

For the jury session don’t mention which lecturer supervised your work, not in the application and not in the presentation. Bachelor and master thesis works can not apply for the awards.

The application deadline is 5th february 2018.

Please send your projects to me: kgedrat@hfk-bremen.de.

We are looking forward to your projects. 🙂

(talk) Vortrag – Artist’s Talk / 24.01.2018: Sheri Wills

Sheri Wills – “What does light remember?”

Vortrag – Artist’s Talk / 24.01.2018

  • Die Künstlerin Sheri Wills stellt sich und ihre Arbeiten vor.
  • 24.01.2018, 18 Uhr
  • Giesserei (Raum 1.16.070), Am Speicher XI 8, Bremen


And there will be vegan brownies, vegan tarte/Flammkuchen, vegan dips, vegetables and some wine for free. And beer for „Chateau LU”-prices.

“As a small child, looking at the stars, I wondered: if light from a star takes so long to get here, what does it remember of its journey? How is it changed by its travel? Where does light go, after it can no longer be seen?” These are a child’s questions, but scientist, Dr. Lene Vestergaard Hau, is working on stopping and transporting light, and Dr. Valentina Caprara Vivoli is working to make engtangled photons visible to the human eye. Sheri Wills’s artistic research explores metaphorical questions about the material nature of captured light in terms of its capacity to hold memories and illuminate erased landscapes. Light is physical material, while the play of light and shadows (cinema) creates an illusion of reality – and one can pass a hand right through it.
Sheri Wills is an artist whose work is based in film, video performance, and installation. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including one-person shows at the Director’s Lounge in Berlin, the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema in NYC, and The International Experimental Cinema Exposition. Her films have been screened at venues including the London Film Festival, the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is included in the Rizzoli book, Sonic Graphics: Seeing Sound, by Matt Woolman. Her collaborations include live video projects with music composed by Jan Jirásek, Charles Norman Mason, Bright Sheng, and Ofer Ben-Amots and video performances with music ensembles, including the NYC choral group, Khorikos, the Providence String Quartet, Luna Nova New Music Ensemble, and Ensemble QAT in Montreal, at venues including Roulette in Brooklyn, the Firehouse Space in Bushwick, and the Czech Center in NYC. She is a Professor in the department of Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design. She lives in New York City.